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Best Christmas Idea Ever!

I read an interesting article today about Christmas gift giving. The author decided that she would give her children gifts based on the following criteria only: "want, need, wear, read." Want being one gift they really want. Need being a gift of something they need. Wear being a gift of clothing. Read being a gift of literature. Her idea is based on the thought that too many gifts makes Christmas less special. I totally agree! You can read the article in full here: Gift Giving with Four Words in Mind.

We told our children that we were scaling back this year. While I don't like to think we spoil our kids, the sad fact is that we do on holidays and special occasions. Our kids have always gotten everything on their Christmas or birthday list... short of the impossible, like unicorns and military tanks. Which means we would easily spend a couple thousand dollars at Christmas, and not much less on birthdays. With the economy being what it is, and my Hubby taking a pretty big pay cut with his promotion (haha), we just can't and won't do that anymore. We already instated a new birthday rule: You can get whatever you want and as much of it as you want.... ahhhh, but here's the caveat: It must be $100 or less. It didn't go over very well at first, especially with our daughter... who happens to be the only girl and the baby... so yes, yes she is spoiled. But the boys were pretty cool about it and she eventually warmed up to the idea as well.

I really like the concept of "want, need, wear, read" and am going to implement it this year. I haven't gotten my kids their wants yet, (I've been so slack this holiday season), but I have gotten them clothing. I love shopping for books, and they love reading so that works well. I'm trying to think of things they need.... (but they really have everything they need). I'm sure I'll figure something out. I think I will call a famliy meeting this evening and discuss this with them, (since we discuss pretty much everything in our family), and get their feedback. I'm pretty sure they will be open to it. And if they're not, at least they will have a good idea of what to expect under the Christmas tree this year.

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(This is where their presents will go!)

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