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Getting Away.

I went out of town this past weekend for a girls getaway with my best friend and her sister. It was so wonderfully relaxing (being waited on hand and foot), the food was divine (no cooking & no cleanup), and the company was fabulous (real grownup talk). But as perfect as it was, I still missed my family terribly. Not at first, mind you, but about two days in I was literally aching to go home.... I would see little things that reminded me of my kids or my Hubby and my eyes would glaze over with tears. I Skyped with them and wished I could jump through the screen to be home with them. I really, really missed them.

And then I got home.

And after about 2 hours I wanted to go back to the hotel.

Isn't that just terrible?? But it's true. And I know I'm not the only mother/wife that feels that way.... my mommy/wifey friends have told me the same thing when they've gone away for a few days. It's nice to think life is perfect and that we moms/wives never want to leave our families... that we love doting on them and catering to them 24/7 ~ (especially if you're a stay at home mom). But the fact is life's not perfect and sometimes we just need a break. It's not that I want to live away from my family, or that I need time away from them constantly. But a break like I had this past weekend is needed every once in a while. And I don't ever feel guilty taking them.

I'm very lucky & extremely blessed... I have a wonderful, supportive Hubby who understands that full-time parenting is a job; and he encourages me to take time off when I need it. I think a little time away makes you miss and appreciate what you have, it gives you uninterrupted time to think about yourself, and it provides much needed balance. My heart truly goes out to all of the single parents out there who don't have the support or option to do the same.

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