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Tired & Busy.

November was a really busy month for me and December is shaping up to be even busier! Between visiting with dear friends, weekend trips & Christmas parties, I'll barely have time to breath. You'd think with all of the running around, parties and visiting I'm doing I would feel all festive & Christmassy. But I don't. I'm just tired.

And my tired is a different form of tired. It's not depression tired; I'm all too familiar with that. And it's not just plain old tired either. I'm the kind of tired where I struggle to get out of bed in the morning and then I feel like I'm dragging all day long, until I finally crash in my bed at night...exhausted. I'm beginning to think something may be off with me medically speaking. I won't list all of the other odd symptoms, but I'm thinking it's either a thyroid problem or a vitamin deficiency. Anyway I'm off to the doctor to get checked out tomorrow. I'm too tired to write or think... so TTFN!

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(Visiting My 2 Oldest & Dearest Best Friends In The World)

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