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I Took My Kids to Jail.

Parenting is hard work. Sometimes it can be wonderfully fulfilling and other times it can be flat out challenging. Sometimes you have to do things that you don't  really want to do because you know it's in your children's best interests. Well, tonight I had to do something I didn't want to: I took my kids to jail. No, no... I didn't have them arrested. Although I kinda wanted to after this evening. But I did take them to the police station to show them what will happen if they don't straighten up.

You see, my oldest and youngest are like oil and water. They do not get along at all. The fighting & arguing was much easier to handle when they were younger, but the older they've gotten the more difficult it is to manage. They've gotten to the point where they are now hitting each other. Not hard, mind you, but hitting is hitting. If they get in the habit of coming to blows now, I can only imagine what they'll think is acceptable behavior in the future. They need to know it is not to be tolerated... and since they haven't been listening to me, I figured they could listen to a police officer and see where their crappy actions can lead them.

I called ahead and spoke with an officer to make sure someone was available. I explained what was going on and they were more than happy to assist. I calmly told my kids to get in the car and I let them know I was taking them to jail. Everyone was somber, except my oldest (he's 16). He thought the whole thing was funny. He was laughing as we walked in and actually laughed again as the officer was speaking to him. I'm pretty sure it was nervous laughter, but I was still appalled. However, he didn't laugh so hard when the officer took him back to the holding cell... and then made him sit in there for a while. My youngest (she's 12) was scared the second we walked into the police station, but I let the officer talk to her and give her the grand tour as well. Just in case.

We're home now and everyone is on their best behavior for the moment. I think they are taking the whole "don't hit each other" thing a little more seriously now. We'll see, I guess. I hated taking them there, but at least they know I absolutely will not put up with that crap and hopefully they realize how serious coming to blows is. And yeah, maybe I'm a mean mom, but I love my kids enough to bring them to jail. I even love them enough to have them arrested if it comes down to it. Although I hope it never comes to that. Man... parenting is hard work.

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