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Modern Conveniences.

My dishwasher has been acting wonky as of late and finally decided to go completely kaput last night. Not only did this leave me with a huge sink full of dishes to wash & dry by hand, it left me with a dishwasher full of dishes to hand wash & dry as well. Now 20 years ago I'd probably be scoffed at and called spoiled for complaining about this... I'm sure there are some folks out there right now that are rolling their eyes. But when you have 5 adult sized people to cook for, you generate a LOT of dishes, and it honestly sucks to stand over a sink for 2 hours washing dishes after you've stood over a stove for 2 hours preparing a meal.

Well today, as I was scrubbing caked on oatmeal from a bowl, I thought about our modern "conveniences." And pretty much everything we humans rely on is actually a convenience and not something we must have to survive. You can argue that you have to have a car, or that you have to have a toilet... But you really don't need those things any more than I need a dishwasher, they're just convenient. For instance, my dad and father-in-law used outhouses growing up. If they needed to take a dump at 2 o'clock in the morning in 5 degree weather with a foot of snow outside, they trekked their happy asses on out to the outhouse. It used to be that you rode a horse to get somewhere, if you were lucky, and everyone else simply walked for hours and miles to get to their destination. Sure, walking 15 miles to work everyday may be a difficulty, but it can be done.... it's simply (a lot) more convenient to drive. In fact, the only things we actually need are food, water, shelter, and sometimes clothing (depending on the weather). All of which we can get with our own two hands. When you get right down to it, everything we rely on today is a convenience. And quite frankly, I think a lot of it's made us lazy and crazy. We've become a society of faster, faster, faster... easier, easier, easier... more, more, more. And we get angry, angry, angry when our wants that we call needs are not met now, now, now.

I'm not gonna lie... at first I was not happy with having to scrub all of those dishes. But after thinking about all that, I got an idea. I called all of my kids downstairs, got an assembly line going (washer, rinser, dyer, put'er-awayer), got the conversation flowing... and turned sucky dish washing time into quality family time. I think my middle kid actually enjoyed it because he stayed downstairs and helped me cook dinner on his own accord. So I believe that from now on, when I lose a convenience, I'll give myself a few minutes to be pissy.. and then I'll get over it and realize all of the awesomeness that comes from not having it anymore.

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(Convenience: anything that saves or simplifies, adds to ones ease or comfort, etc., as an appliance, utensil, or the like. *from*)
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