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Sometimes I crave romance. Ok, that's a big fat lie.... actually a lot of times I crave romance. I'm the type of chick, (not unlike most chicks I think), that want the fairy-tale-movie-ending in my everyday life. Which is pretty much straight up impossible when you have 3 kids, 4 pets, bills, reality, and a Husband in school.

However it's not totally impossible. I think a lot of times we women expect our men folk to read our minds. We crave romance, but don't say anything, and then pout and feel let down when we don't get it. I learned a long time ago that my Husband can't read my mind. No matter how hard I try to project my thoughts to him, it's just not going to happen until I tell him. Most men, (not all, but most), are dense when it comes to picking up subtle hints and clues from body language, tone of voice, and so on, (unless you're yelling or spreading your legs). So in the past several years I've gotten to where I just tell my Hubby, "Hey... I'm getting bored and you need to romance me." It's not that he's not romantic on a daily basis... because he is and that's very important. But sometimes I just need to be swept off my feet in a big grandiose way. Hey... Don't judge me.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I told my Hubby that I needed more romance. He quietly plotted and planned... and then a few days before the romantic surprise made the mistake of telling me he had a romantic surprise planned. So of course I made cute faces and was generally annoying until he let it slip: He had planned a day at a quaint vineyard I'd been wanting to visit for years. The fact that he even remembered that I wanted to go there was a surprise in itself and made my heart melt.

The morning of our big day he made me breakfast in bed and presented me with a bright bouquet of daisies and mums. He drove us to the lovely little vineyard where we had a wine tasting and a delightful lunch. We talked and laughed and laughed some more... we even slow danced to kitschy french music under the veranda while the rain fell out on the field. He bought me little presents and made me feel like a spoiled princess. And when we came home that evening, well... let's just say I made sure he was happy too. It really was a wonderfully romantic day for both of us!

I guess my whole point to this particular post is: a.) My Hubby rocks my socks, and b.) If you need something, (whether it's romance, affection, time, etc.), from your significant other, let them know. You'll probably get it!

©Flippa Bird
(Victoria Vally Vineyards)
Photograph By: Me

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