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Public Service Announcement!

My Hubby told me today that I need to write "an article" on the dangers of tongue piercings, (I think he meant a blog post, but God bless him for thinking that highly of my writing). So here goes...

Do not, I repeat, do NOT ever get your tongue pierced.

I had friends warn me of the dangers before I had it done, but I didn't listen and did it anyway (and I do thank you for no "I told you so's" friends). Unfortunately I'm now paying the price. I've never had a single cavity in my entire 37 years of existence. I have beautiful, strong, straight, white, shiny teeth. I brush and floss maniacally obsessively regularly... but now, because of a metal tongue stud, I've had to have two root canals due to cracked teeth. And more than likely I'll have to have two or three more.

Here's why: It's extremely easy to chomp down on the metal ball while eating, (actually it's extremely difficult not to chomp down on the metal ball while eating)... which is exactly what happened to me. I chomped down and cracked my back teeth. So for that one measly little metal ball in my mouth, I've now gone through five dental procedures (three of which were horribly painful), It's cost over $2700.00 (thank God for insurance), and I still have two more dental procedures to go through. On the bright side I have one shiny gold tooth.

So if you feel like being cute and getting your tongue pierced, JUST. SAY. NO. Go get a tattoo instead.

Flippa Bird
(Bad arse Duck-Face-Wanna-Be-Pirate-Rapper with a new gold tooth!)
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