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Fine. I'm Not Cool.

A week ago I catered an art show for a friend and enlisted the help of my kiddos as prep and servers. The photography was simply amazing, the company was charming, my kiddos were perfect, and my food was well enjoyed. All in all it was a fabulous evening. After the show, as we drove home, the kids and I rehashed the evening....

"Mom," my eldest said, "your friends are really cool."
"Well, I think so." I replied. "You know I've known most of them since I was about your age."
"You have?" he asked. "And you hung out with them?" (As if it weren't even remotely possible that his mother ever hung out with anyone with even an inkling of  'cool.')
"I certainly did and I was pretty freakin' cool myself back in the day ya' know." I told him.

At this point my other two perked up and joined in the conversation with:
Middle Son: "What???" (Confusion)
Baby Girl: "You were cool?!" (Disbelief)
And my eldest capped it off with.... "How??" (More Confusion)

Thanks kids.

But what they were saying really threw me into a state of confusion! What do they mean I'm not cool? How am I not cool? I'm one of the coolest people I know!! Or so I thought. I'm funny, witty, loyal, honest, kind, and I look pretty good too... so I'm cool, right? I mean come on... I snagged a darn good man, I'm raising 3 amazing kids, and I managed to score some extremely awesome friends... so I have to be cool. Right? I have tattoos, piercings, I dye my hair crazy colors from time to time, I just got published in a pin-up magazine! I'm cool, right?? Right?..... Hello?

Then it dawned on me... All of the things I think are cool just embarrass my kids. I think they would rather have Betty Crocker mom and not LA Ink mom. So... Not cool. And up until a year ago I drove a minivan (a Kia no less) and I now drive an old Honda Accord. Not cool. About 90% of the time I'm in jeans, flip-flops, and a ratty tee stolen from my Hubby, with no make-up on and my hair in a knot on top of my head. Not cool. I blog. Everyone does it so... Not cool. I go for weeks at a time without shaving my legs. Really not cool. My idea of fun is going out to dinner with my Hubby, driving around in the mountains with my family, or having girls night in drinking wine & eating fatty food. Alrighty, ya' know what? Screw you teenagers... I'm counting those things as cool. At any rate... yeah, so I know, I totally get it. I'm not cool. But you know what? I'm fine with that because I'm happy.

I spent most of my teenage years like most every other teenager: trying desperately to be cool and fit in... and it was pretty much miserable. My own kids are going through that same crap now... along with everyone else their age. But I think that once they become adults, and find out who they are and what they like, they'll discover that maybe their uncool old mom is kind of cool after all.  Or maybe not. In my old age I can now picture my Dad being cool... but I'm still kinda on the fence about my Mommy. Ha!

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  1. No matter what you do, your kids won't think you're cool. The only exception is when you buy them a car when they're teenagers. I remember all my friends thinking my dad was cool, I always hated that. Weird.