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Live Robot Sex Chat

So I read an article about sex robots on the internet today. Naturally I had to go to the website and check it out. Unfortunately for the website, but fortunately for me, they had a live chat... which I took full advantage of. I hope this gives you all as much of a laugh as it gave me!

John: Hello, Flippa. Can I help you with anything today?
Flippa: Hi there!
John: Hi Flippa! How are you?
Flippa: I'm great! Thank you for asking! I just had some questions about your Roxxy sex robot.
John: Sure.... whats up?
Flippa: Ok. First, you don't have many pictures on the website.
Flippa: How can you find out what it looks like?
John: If you go to the blog and the press area you can see videos.
John: But yes, we are adding more. :)
Flippa: Ahh ok. Cool!
Flippa: Second, can you have one custom made to look like someone?
John: We do offer custom services like that, but it is expensive and we need the permission of the other person.
John: Do you know the person?
Flippa: Not personally, like not in person. I mean I watch them, but just from afar.
John: Nope... sorry :(
Flippa: So I couldn't just send you a picture of someone I have a "crush" on?
John: Only if we get their permission......
Flippa: Hmmm, ok. Well could you duplicate their voice?
John: Interesting idea. I never heard that?
John: I could ask tomorrow.
Flippa: Ok.
John: Could you do me a favor and send an email to  and ask that? And also list the budget min/max you have for it. :)
Flippa: Sure. I just have a few more questions, if that's ok.
John: Sure no prob.
Flippa: Can you get one that moves?
John: They do move.
Flippa: Can you program it to spank you?
John: I mean their private areas and their head.
Flippa: So can you program it to spank you?
John: ?
John: No.
Flippa: Ok.
John: Interesting idea though.
Flippa: So only the vajayjay and mouth moves?
John: And the back side, yes. But when Roxxy silver or gold are on all four's, they do move back and forth.
John: Check out the video to see that.
Flippa: Fabulous!
John: :)
John: You can spank her!
Flippa: That sounds great! Can you order one with say greyish skin? For a zombie fetish?
Flippa: With maybe some decay on it?
John: Hmmm.....
Flippa: I'm being serious btw.
John: Anything else?
Flippa: Oh. I guess not.
John: No :(
John: Where r u from?
Flippa: The US
John: Gotcha. What state?
Flippa: I'm not into dirty internet talk if that's what you're getting at with this "what state are you from" business.
John: No prob. Any other questions :)
Flippa: Well yes, but I don't want you to think I'm a freak.
Flippa: What about older models?
John: No.
Flippa: Perhaps a "mature" robot?
John: No.
Flippa: To look like an old lady?
John: I have to run. Please send the email with these questions, which I really can't answer, to the email address I gave, ok?
Flippa: Ok. Thanks so much for your time! :)
John: Take Care.
John: Bye.
Notice: John exited session.

©Flippa Bird
(Bahahaha... That is all.)
Photo By: FireLillyCreations


  1. In the real soul of Kama Sutra, you can bet that those Japaneses automatic technical engineers will soon be developing Golden-haired Hair Red Eyed sex spiders to offer their will.

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  2. This design is wicked! You definitely know how to keep a reader amused.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost...HaHa!)
    Fantastic job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!