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Silly, Funny Things!

I think a sense of humor is probably one of the most important things you can have in a good marriage to make it last and keep it fresh. My Hubby made me laugh so much and started my day off so right this morning, that I just had to share!

I've had quite the long weekend of "celebrating." And by celebrating, I mean I drank a little more than usual. Friday night was my cousins wedding, which I celebrated fully, and last night one of my BFFs had a birthday party, which I again, celebrated fully. So this morning, after a weekend filled with much booze and very little sleep, I slept in.

I was roused at one point by my Hubby wandering in and out of the room. So I asked him, "Hey, where's my breakfast in bed??" which I meant in all jest... and then I went back to sleep. Well, low and behold 15 minutes later I get wakened by Hubby with a plate of food. (God love him). Here's how that exchange went down.

Me: "What is this? You didn't really make me breakfast in bed?!"
Hubby: "Chef Flippa, I've created for you cage free eggs sauteed in a butter reduction, Natures Own honey wheat toast topped with a butter reduction, and small orange things I found in the fridge. I hope you enjoy it."

In other words, he made me 2 fried eggs, a piece of buttered toast and a peeled cutie orange.
Then he stood back with a serious look on his face and crossed his arms behind his back, waiting for my reply.

I don't know if you are familiar with the show 'Chopped' but it is my absolute favorite show on TV. If you're not familiar with it, it goes a little something like this: You have 3 famous chef judges and 4 small time chef contestants. Each contestant is each given a mystery basket filled with the same 4 weird ridiculous ingredients like cheese-whiz, chitlins, lavash bread, and peach nehi soda... and then are expected to make some kinda bad ass gourmet meal out of it. There are 3 rounds (with different mystery baskets for each round) and at the end of each the worst contestant gets "chopped," meaning they have to leave and take their sorry ass home. The winner wins $10k. Throughout the show the judges and contestants engage in "food talk." White wine reduction... the food doesn't marry well... it brings a brightness... it's a good component... more reduction this,  more reduction that... it's very rustic... it would be better paired with... I enjoy the beautiful ingredients... I'd like to see more fat/sweetness/crunch/starch... it's very acidic... burgundy reduction (again). THOSE are the words and phrases that get used all the freaking time on that show. And it cracks up me and my Hubby every single time one of those over used words/phrases are used.

Well, that's what Hubby did. He made me breakfast 'Chopped' style this morning.

So while I ate, I critiqued his meal while he stood silently waiting to advance to the next round or get 'Chopped.'

"Hmmm," I said, taking my first bite, "The eggs sauteed in the butter reduction paired beautifully with the crunch of the toast, which added a nice rustic components, while the butter reduction on both married the plate together well. The small orange things brought an overall brightness to the plate and just the right amount of acidity to even out the sweetness. Though I would have liked to have seen a starch on the plate." Ha!

In all seriousness, it was a great way to start my morning. Not only did my Hubby make me breakfast in bed, for absolutely no reason, he did it in a fun and playful way that he knew would make me laugh and smile. And I in turn thanked him with a big bunch of silliness as well, (and a kiss). He definitely advances to the next round.... In fact, I think I'll keep him around a while.

©Flippa Bird
(Hubby & Me Being Silly)
Photo By: Wedding Photo Booth Thingy

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