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That Girl's Boyfriends.

We've all had/have one as a friend... hell, we've all been one at one time or another: You know, the chick that makes horrible decisions regarding men.  Mmhmm... That Girl. She's the girl you want to simultaneously slap and hug.

She's generally a strong, level headed woman. But the second a magical douche-bag appears she just loses it. I say magical because really, what else other than magic is able to get these great gals to go for these horrid men? And don't say magical penis... unless it's made out of 24K gold and can be chopped off and melted down into jewelry, it's not that magical. Anyway her pride, self esteem, self-worth, sense of self... it all goes out the window for him. He makes her feel so special... So special in fact that she ignores all of the glaring red flags waving in front of her face. And you can't say anything to her because if you do you're: a) Jealous, b) Wrong, c) Crazy, d) Being Judgemental. Never mind the fact that she's probably known you for umpteen thousand years, (and trusts your judgement for every stinkin' thing else)... and she's only known him for a week. Never mind the fact that she'll ignore and pretty much drop you until he hurts or screws her over for the 17th time, at which point she'll come running to you in tears and expect you to drop everything and be there for her... And of course you'll do so because *SURPRISE* you actually do give a crap about her... unlike Bad-Time Bobby (that you tried to warn her about). Yeah, never mind all that.

Why, Ladies?!?!

Why not start listening to your good girlfriends? If we truly love you, and I assure you we do, we're not gonna want to steer you wrong. We want to see you with the perfect guy, so please listen to us when we tell you he isn't. And if, guy after guy, we keep telling you that... perhaps you should start asking yourself why we're telling you that. Maybe it's time you stop hopping from guy to guy thinking they're all "The One" when it's obvious to everyone except you that he, and the douche-bag clones that follow, is NOT. Maybe stop freaking dating for a while, period, until you love and know yourself enough to not date morons. It's not that we want to control your life, (I promise you that we don't. We have enough BS in our own life). It's just that we're about sick of seeing you make the same ridiculously stupid decisions. We're tired of seeing you get hurt, used, abused, etc. We know you're smarter than that; we know you're better. And so it confounds us as to why someone as wonderfully awesome as you would keep latching on to the same asinine douche-bags that you do.

Girlfriend, we will always, always be there for you. Even when you cuss us for hating him, ignore us to be with him, no matter what... we'll still be there after the fall out. But please... Please, please, please for the love of God and all that is holy... please give us a break from time to time and maybe stop dating for a while. Or at least date a real man.

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  1. Answer: Her maternal instinct zeros in on said douchebag's faults, prompting her to enter Fix Him mode. This pointless and and sometimes dangerous mode usually renders all other modes ineffective, causing her to only see what she wants to see, ie "He'll be better if he changes". Which will NEVER happen in the current relationship.

    1. Lol yes! Exactly. A friend of mine read this and thought I was mad... I'm not mad. Dismayed, confused, in awe, slightly irritated even, but not mad. I feel sad for people who think like this. Like I said, I wanna slap 'em and hug 'em at the same time. ;)