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How Many Times Can I Say Love In This Post?

This is an "I love my Husband" post. If mushy stuff isn't your thing, you should probably stop reading. So how do I love him? Let me count the... Nah, I'll just tell ya' why without being all flowery:

I love my Husband because he's quiet and unassuming. I love how level headed he is. I admire him because he's not one of those people who goes around saying he hates drama; he simply avoids it and doesn't create any... in fact he'd rather come across as a wimp and diffuse a situation, then to go around kicking ass to prove a pointless point (when he very easily could). I love, love, love that he is that confident and strong. I love him because he has big plans for our future. I love that he'll sit and watch the DIY or Food network with me and won't change the channel. I really like that he's always attentive to my needs and wants. I'm proud that we've stuck by our vows for 15 years: in good times & bad, in sickness & health, for better or worse, forsaking all others, 'til death do us part... even when it's been extremely difficult to do.

I love how he works hard and puts 110% into every single thing he does. I love him tremendously because he appreciates the comedy of Will Ferrell as much as I do. I adore him because he goes out of his way to help people in need, even if it creates a hardship for himself. I love him because he doesn't believe in the silliness of soul mates. I love that I can tell him anything and he doesn't judge me.... sometimes he'll laugh, but only because he thinks I'm cute. I love him because he's humble. I'm over the moon that he thinks my old, chubby, saggy body is the ultimate porno-playground. I love him because he has a huge soft spot for animals. I love that I still get butterflies every time he texts me, calls me, looks at me, touches me, or asks me out on a date. I love him because he works out and takes care of his (very sexy) body.

I absolutely love the way he fathers our children, teaching our boys how to be real men and showing our daughter how a lady should be treated. I am in awe of his determination... he's like superman to me, he can do anything. I think it's hilarious the way he chatters on and on about me and the kids when women hit on him. I love him because he loves his Mom... and my Mom. I love him because he doesn't care about clothes or designer labels. I secretly think it's hot that he has a motorcycle and I swoon a little every time he hops on it. I am so happy that he hates watching sports. I lust him because he looks hot whether he's in worn out jeans and an old tshirt or an impeccably tailored suit. I love him because of how fiercely private he is. I love that we are exact opposites and create balance for one another. I like that he knows how to work with his hands and can pretty much build or fix anything. I love how he can do that and then turn around and use all of his forks/spoons properly at a fancy dinner. I love him because he has excellent manners.

I love how intelligent he is. And I really love how funny he is. I love him because he doesn't have a FaceBook, or any other social networking account... I love that he thinks having them is ridiculous. I'm glad that he's a terrible cook so I can cook for him. I love that he'll eat the capers and mushrooms I (occasionally) put in food, even though he hates them. I like that we can have deep conversations, laugh about complete nonsense, or sit quietly without saying a word... and one's just as good as the other. I love knowing that he'd protect me to the death, just like a real prince charming would do. I really really love how much he loves me. I love every stinkin' thing about him. I wouldn't change one single thing... well, maybe I'd make him a millionaire - but I'd still love him just as much if he had nothing. I love him because he is always himself, and nothing else.... And he's so perfect for me. 

 ©Flippa Bird
(I heart him because he doesn't like his pic being taken)
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