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A Love Note to My Girl.

I always wanted a daughter. Not that I don't love and adore my sons beyond comprehension, because I do, more than anything. They are two of the brightest suns in my life! Nothing compares to the love a son has for his momma and vice/versa. But I wanted a little person to share things with that I'm not able to share with my boys. Hubby gets that special, secret guy part of raising the boys that I, as a woman, simply don't comprehend and couldn't teach them even if I wanted to. So I wanted a daughter to share my girl stuff with. You know, pass down feminine secrets and rituals, whisper and giggle about things that the males in our family just wouldn't understand.

For me the third time was a charm. She was born the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and has been a perfect jewel in my motherly crown ever since. She is the apple of her Daddy's eye and I can see him melt when her arms go around his neck. She annoys her big brothers to no end, but they love her immensely... even if they won't admit it. Just mention a boy that likes her or a person that's been mean to her and they're ready to beat some arse.

Before I had her I always prayed, "God, please give me a daughter. I promise I won't get mad when she ruins my makeup." She started ruining my makeup at 2 years old. I loved it. I secretly still do. She is my constant companion, always wanting to spend time with me, no matter how mundane the task. Even when her teenage hormones get the best of her and she's angry with me, she'd rather be with me than away from me. She and I giggle about secret girly things. She's comfortable enough to talk to me about anything and everything. We can get lost shopping together for hours. We love watching comedies and chick-flicks together. Starbucks is our special spot. She appreciates the difference between Godiva chocolate and Hershey's. She loves animals even more than I do. She is everything I could have ever asked for in a daughter and then some.

She looks up to me and emulates me... and I look to her and see what I could have been if I had been given the amount love and opportunities we give to her. I feel like she is my reward for all of the horribleness I endured growing up. I see an immensely talented, extremely intelligent, hilariously funny, breathtakingly beautiful, loving and kind girl who I know will grow up to be an absolutely amazing woman. I love her beyond words and I'm so happy and proud to be her mother.

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(My 3 babies are so precious to me)
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