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On Being Apolitical.

I like to say I'm apolitical. I don't mean to say that I don't care about what goes on in the US. That's not true at all. But I suppose I am in some respects: I loathe the debates that turn hateful, the mudslinging, the anger, the smear campaigns, and the bias that comes with an election season. I can't stand to see people who care about one another turn against each other simply for having a different opinion or point of view. I want to throw my computer every time I read an article that just blatantly attacks a candidate. But I love my country and I vote in every election. I quietly ponder each candidate. I listen to other people's points of view, absorb it in and see where it fits with my own. On occasion I'll even chime in with an opinion. I read different news articles from different sources and try decipher the fact from the fiction, (which is extremely hard to do these days).

I took the time a little while back to read our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.... and I do mean I took some time. That stuff is loooong and there's a lot of it! Honestly, I didn't even understand a lot of it. But I kept reading nonetheless. And afterward I thought about what it must have been like to be in our founding father's shoes... the courage it took to break away from everything you know to start anew. The thought and time it took to draft the basic laws that hold our glorious nation together. That's a ridiculously huge undertaking, yet they managed to do a pretty damn good job. I personally think our country is one of the best in the world and we have our founding father's intelligence, thoughts, wisdom, patience, and determination to thank for that. But I feel like we, as a whole, have forgotten all about the blood, sweat, and tears that went into founding our country. I feel like we've lost respect not only for our nation and our constitution, but for the entire electoral process as well... It's like we've turned it into an out of control circus where the monkeys (aka politicians) fling poop everywhere while we the spectators just sit, watching silently, getting hit with a bunch of shit. So here are some things I think we need to keep in mind before we get all riled up during election season:

  • I truly believe that every President tries to do the best he can with what he's given. I don't think anyone goes into office thinking, "Hey I'm going to royally screw up this country and then everyone will hate me... hooray!" Obama isn't a vacationing Antichrist and Dubya' isn't the reason our country is in the toilet. All of this stuff takes time to funk up... it takes time to fix too. One person can't do it alone... it takes a village (or a congress). Ha.
  • ^^ That said, I think a lot of our problems aren't with the sitting Presidents, but with our parties being so divided that no one will give an inch to make things better... even if that inch would gain us all a mile. Pride and greed are two of the biggest downfalls of our country. I really believe that.
  • People in political offices are human. Humans make mistakes. If they're constantly repeated then boot them - vote them out; if they're not then live, learn, and forgive. Bringing mistakes up at every opportunity doesn't make things better, but learning from them does.
  • A person's personal life is just that, personal. Yes, even if they are an elected official some things are just no ones business. It shouldn't matter if you're screwing everyone on the block, as long as you do it on your own time, with your own money, and you're doing your job to the best of your ability. Unless it affects our country/state/city I feel that it should be left alone.
  • Religion and politics don't mix. I don't care what anyone says, they just don't. The first amendment in the Constitution made sure of that. Even Jesus said, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's." So I believe this not only as an American, but as a Christian as well. 
  • In general (no getting huffy people, I said in general) republicans/conservatives need to be a lot more compassionate & less judgemental and democrats/liberals need to not be so open minded that their brains fall out. But everyone, no matter their political affiliation, needs to lose their pride long enough to meet somewhere in the middle for the good of us all.
  • Common sense. Use common sense. Don't vote democrat or republican just because that's what "you are." Don't go along with the majority when it's wrong just because it's popular. Don't not go along with the majority when it's right just because you want to be difficult. Please use common sense. Did I mention common sense? Yep, common sense. I'll say it once more: Use common sense.
  • Open your ears and your mind... and close your mouth. If you're debating politics with someone, then really listen to them. You're not actually listening when you're in close-minded-defensive-mode because you're sitting there thinking of rebuttals instead of taking in what the other person has to say. You also aren't really listening if you're interjecting your own opinions every two seconds. But if you honestly listen, you just might learn something. In the very least you'll come away from it with a much better understanding of the other persons point of view instead of just being angry that you couldn't sway them your way.
  • If you're unhappy about the way things are, do something about it!! Sitting around debating and complaining doesn't accomplish anything.... except to annoy those around you. Worried about the homeless? Volunteer at a shelter. Concerned with the environment? Go green. Don't like a bill? Write your congressman. Take all that energy you expend bitching and put it to good use.
  • Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing! It's one of the awesome things that sets us apart from the rest of the world. But wouldn't it be nice if we tempered that freedom with consideration for other peoples feelings? Just a thought. (Yeah, yeah... I know I need help with that one too).
  • Finally... Show some respect for our President. You may not like the President. You may totally disagree with every thing the President say/does. You may hate the President's guts. You may even think the President is a gigantic cubic zirconia encrusted dildo who is personally bending you over and ass-raping you. But you should always, always be respectful. They have rightfully, though our democratic process, through we the people, earned the most highly regarded position as the leader of our great country. So regardless of your personal feelings, be respectful toward the leader of our country. No matter who it is.
So that's it. Those are my apolitical political views and opinions. Don't like them? Politely explain to me why you don't. I promise I'll really listen. And I might just change my mind. :)

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  1. Hey, Flippa. This is David Dentino, Melody's husband. This is was very well written and I mean it. You are a very good writer; articulate, funny, objective, and you express your opinion without bias. I agree with you on pretty much everything you said.

    I specifically agree with that fact that religion and politics should stay separate. The reason is that once they become mixed religion becomes a matter of policy and I would never want political policy to become agenda and then law under say an atheist when I am a christian. The presidency should never be a platform for religious agenda. There is a place for that called church and the governments responsibility is to see that our freedoms for religion are never taken from us whether they be foreign or domestic enemies of that freedom.

    Even so, politics are affected to some degree by any president or senator or congressman's belief system. For instance, I would much rather have leaders who pray behind closed doors and ask God to help them be wise, make the right choices, and be good leaders to the people as opposed to leaders who don't or who don't even believe in God. That being said I still wouldn't want a president for instance, to use their position to always be like preaching or something. I need a president not a pastor...I already have a pastor. Know what I mean? Those are my only thoughts really.

    Once again VERY well written. I agreed with pretty much everything you said. Hope more people read your blog. Peace!

    1. Thanks so much! Valid points you make... voting is very personal for each person. Or at leat it should be. We should vote for the person we feel would best represent us. Period.

      I just get tired of all the bashing. Ya know? If you really believe in a person then you should be able to defend them on their own merit and not have to resort to bashing someone else to make your person look good.

      Thank you again! Please feel pree to pass my blog along, if ya feel inclined! :)

  2. You said it Flippa! I've been watching this election season like it's a tennis match, and I've been trying to figure out how we got into this oppressive two-party melee. I've been trying to think of ways our divided nation can heal so that maybe we can alleviate some of the swelling.

    I like what you said about no one president is to blame for the crap that we usually try to pin on them. In fact, it's usually Congress that stands in the way of the progress the president would truly like to achieve. Because the President stands on his/her own, it's easier to make that one person the scapegoat for an ineffectual congress.

    There are lots of things our founding fathers got right - and back then, it may have been easier to make rules and edicts due to the lack of immediate communication, so ideals were actually considered and thought more about. Today we have too many knee-jerkers, and I'm sorry to say they're mostly in the media - either part of the machine or standing out for statements that are so left (or right) field that it further divides us as a country. Most of my conservative friends are against rape - legitimate or not - in any form. And a lot of my liberal friends think long and hard about issues - and don't always agree with the Democratic machine.

    Here's a great and timely analogy - not every Muslim hates America and feels women should be treated like second-class citizens. There are only shades of gray when it's all said and done - so why are we always pared down to voting for one extreme or another? Who says voting your conscience has to be a choice between shit and crap?

    One thing I'd like for everyone to consider is how successful either candidate can be at making their campaign promises come to fruition. Will the system of checks and balances stand in the way of progress? If everybody is always against one another, pointing fingers, nothing will ever get accomplished. Does Obama have a prayer of changing anything if our congress is constantly overriding him? Does Romney have a prayer if the situation is vice/versa?

    When you vote, I challenge you to think about not what the candidate is promising, but what the candidate can realistically achieve. You can vote for an ideal all day long, but if there's going to be an insurmountable obstacle in the way, your vote has little power.

    I feel our Constitution is one of the most intellectual and insightful documents to ever be drafted, but it was drafted in the 1700s, back before the word technology was even invented. We have the power to amend it, and I think it should be updated to apply to our technological world. The Internet gives us the power to vote on the issues the president/congress/supreme court are facing. It can also allow us to directly vote for our president and other elected officials without an electoral college. Right now all we can do is exercise our right to freedom of speech and hope the right people hear us. And that the people we elect to represent us will honestly vote our conscience instead of taking bribes from political groups.

    Perhaps it's time to modify the powers of the "middleman." Perhaps our questions are best answered by ourselves. That way, our highly coveted vote can actually count as an actual vote, not as a suggestion our representatives may or may not uphold.

    1. ^^ Yes! What you said! Change can be a good thing, esp when something no longer works as it was designed to.

  3. I agree that it has gotten out of control. I want to know how each person plans to address the issues, tell me your plan. Put it out to us like we are bank you need to give us your business propsal before we lend you the money to start your business. I don't care what you think of each other. As the saying goes opinions are like A** and everybody's got one. I'd like to see people in both parties actually be held responsible for doing their jobs with the interest of the American Public at heart. They should be treated like the rest of us, if you go to work and you don't do your job, guess what you will be fired. I am tired of people blamming Obama for the state of our country. It was that way when he took office. It did not happen because he was voted in, it happened over a very long period of time. We let greed, laziness, and lack of proper education and understanding bring us to this point. I'd like to hear and see that facts only. We are a great country with great potential. People come form all over the world to have a better life in our country. I don't care what your religious beliefs are or what you do in your personal life.I care about how you will run this great nation of ours. But I must admit, at this point it's almost hard to believe that very people we have in office, that we pay their salaries with our tax money, can't seem to get it together long enough to find resolutions to the issues at hand, will ever be able to do so.. They just seem to hell bent on having it their party's way rather than working it out and getting down to business..Fighting takes place in rings and if I wanted to watch people throw good blows at each other,I would watch UFC or Boxing..