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Prophetic Dreams

I've always been a believer of prophetic dreams. I think most of the time dreams are just our minds way of clearing all of the emotional debris of the day from our head, but sometimes they serve a greater purpose. I had what I believe to be one last night.

A little background: Our middle son is a good kid, but he's starting to get into the punk/alternative scene. Which is fine with me to a degree. The Hubby and I were both in that scene as teens, so we both understand the allure. However, we both know, that in general, the kids in that scene do a whole lotta stupid shit... and we're not naive enough to think our son will be any exception. Ok, so all of that said, on to my dream last night...

Our son sneaked out of the house and I went looking for him. I found him walking along a deserted road, all alone, in the middle of the night. So I pulled over and told him to get into the car. It was then that I saw a large wolf circling my car. It had been stalking him... and as he was getting into the car it lunged and attacked him, grabbing him by his throat. I grabbed his legs as the wolf tried to pull him further out of the car. This took all of my strength as the wolf was very strong. I knew that if I kept pulling, the wolfs teeth would rip into his throat, killing him, but if I let go it would eat him. I held on tightly anyway, as any mother would. But I knew it was a no win situation. Either way, in the end, I would lose my son. As I started to lose my grip, I cried out... and woke up in a panic.

Now whenever I've had a prophetic dream I'm aware of what it was and what it means the second I wake up. This was no exception. Our son is headed down a path he shouldn't be headed. If I pull too hard, I will lose him. If I do nothing, I will lose him. So what do I do? I will do what my own Mother did. I will tell him my dream.

You see when I was a teenager, I was out of fucking control pretty wild. One day, out of the blue, my Mother asked what my plans were for the weekend. She never asked me what my plans were. She might ask which friend I would be with, but she never directly asked me about my plans. I said, "Nothing. Why?" And then she told me about a dream she had had the night before: I went missing... and was found dead in the mountains... along with the body a blond girl.

My cousin and I met some guys earlier that day... They invited us to go to the mountains and then to the beach with them... My cousin is blond.

Do you have chills yet? I do. I have them to this day.

Needless to say I told my Mom about my real plans, promptly cancelled said plans, and made damn sure I never spoke to or saw those guys again. I believe her dream saved my, and my cousins, life. It scared the shit out of me and caused me to think a little harder about the decisions I made. I'm banking on the same reaction from our son.

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  1. When I was a kid my dad talked to this psychic who told him about all the drugs I was doing. I took the path of deny, deny, deny.