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The Job Interview

I went on my first job interview in 8 years today. The last time I interviewed somewhere I ended up getting a job at UPS as an Account Manager, got promoted a couple of times, and then quit after a few years. I've been a stay at home mom ever since. So today I was a little nervous. To wear or not to wear pantyhose? (I wore tights). Fake hair or no fake hair? (Fake hair). I changed my outfit 3 times before finally staying in the one chosen by my always immaculately dressed cousin. I arrived at my interview 10 minutes before the scheduled time. I waited. And I waited. And waited... While I was waiting I had enough time to write a little something:

"Dear Lori the Interviewer:

1. Lose your receptionist or at least have her lose the nose ring and the bad attitude. Your front desk person is the face of your company. If you present a rough, slovenly face or a face that talks about her poor credit score in front of potential employees, it reflects poorly on your company.

2. Skip the paper application for new hires who have already filled out an application online and/or submitted their resume. It's redundant, wasteful, and makes your company appear as if you don't have your processes together. If you need a paper copy, print out the online version.

3. Be on time for your scheduled interviews. I've been waiting for over 45 minutes past my scheduled interview time. If you expect your future/current employees to be on time, you need to lead by example.

Thank you, but no thank you. ~ Flippa Bird"

I had enough time to write this letter twice. (I knew I'd want to blog about it). Anyway, I left it on the table, smiled at the receptionist with poor credit, and walked out. And that's how my first interview in 8 years went. Wheeeee!

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(I got all dressed up for that?? Sigh...)
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