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The Best Birthday Present Ever.

My birthday is next week and with our crazy busy schedules, we decided to celebrate as a family today. So my Hubby has been out all morning finishing up the secret shopping he's not had time to do all week... which leads me to the story of "The Best Birthday Present Ever."

Today someone in a black hoodie got out of their car, on a very busy highway, and dumped a small puppy on the side of the road. The side of this particular road is nothing but a huge retaining wall that pretty much drops straight down onto another busy road. The only way the puppy could escape would be to try and cross 4-6 lanes of busy highway traffic or fall off the retaining wall into more busy traffic. So there the little puppy sat, frozen and terrified.

My Hubby happened to witness this as he was driving.

My Hubby is an animal lover.

My Hubby is the most amazing man I know.

Without think of himself, my Hubby drove another 1/4 of a mile down the road to a spot where he could pull over off of the road. He climbed up the retaining wall and walked 1/4 of a mile back to the puppy and then 1/4 of a mile back to the car. Hubby rescued the puppy.

He & the puppy are finishing up the secret shopping and when Hubby & the puppy come home we will feed him, bath him, love on him and try to find him a good home. A home that doesn't dump him on the side of the road. A home filled with people like my Hubby.

I have a huge soft spot for animals... almost as big as my Husbands. I'm not sure what baubles, treats, and gadgets Hubby has bought for me today, but I do know that none of them will compare to the gift of a new life he's given to that abandoned puppy... and the gift of his amazing heart that he gives to me every single day. Even after 16 1/2 years, he still melts my heart. Happy birthday to me!

(I  cant get a pic to upload today... maybe later!)

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