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To DIY Skin-Care or Not? Yes, DIY.

I'm pretty big into the whole DIY thing. Ok, not like obsessed or anything, but if it's something fairly simple I'm gonna do it myself. My husband fixes our cars and house/yard stuff (that's a huge money saver right there) and I'll do things like make our laundry detergent, grow our own herbs, or repurpose old useless things into new & improved useful things. Like I said... the easy stuff.

But sometimes you just don't wanna DIY. Especially after you've spent the last 18 years running around after 4 people doing things for them. Yeah, sometimes you want SETDIFY (someone else to do it for you). So because my husband is amazingly thoughtful, he treated me to a big'ol pampering session. I got a new hairdo, my lashes tinted, a manicure & pedicure, a massage, and a facial. It was pretty fabulous! But what was even more fabulous was learning that one of the DIY things I'd been doing has really paid off!!

Last night I had my facial. The esthetician was convinced that I was using some pricey and lengthy skin care regimen. I had no issues that a woman of my old advanced mature fabulous age has: no blackheads to pop, no dry flaky skin to scrub off, no weird discoloration... nothing. She actually had to find things to do to my face for an hour- (that time is normally spent extracting nasties and scrubbing things) - so basically I just got an hour long face massage with different fancy creams and such.

I don't say all this to brag, because my skin has not always been nice. In fact up until about a year ago my skin was awful. And I do mean awful. My cheeks literally had the texture of fine grit sandpaper, my nose & forehead were flakier than a pie crust, old acne scars were playing connect-the-dots across my chin, and I'd get deep, almost unextractable blackheads in odd areas of my face.

Then I saw one of those interwebz pictures that makes the rounds within the health-nazi circles... you know the ones. They look something like this:

(Don't try this at home...)
Anyway, I saw one of those lil' buggers touting the benefits of coconut oil on the skin. Being a Latina gal, (and a gullible sucker), who loves her some coconut, I just had to try it. I was a little wary at first, because I mean, it's oil. Straight.Up.Oil. Who the hell puts pure oil on their face and doesn't get massive breakouts?? I'd always been taught to get rid of the oil on my face using something astringent - something akin to, say, paint thinner - and then moisturize using something that costs at least one weeks paycheck and may cause breakouts for the first few weeks. Oh and don't forget to use a magical serum made of rare unicorn blood and exotic vitamin Z powder from the elusive magneto flower found only in the Himalayans... right?
But I thought, fuck it. What do I have to lose? My skin already looked like Uncle Fester on a meth binge - (ahhh thank you, aging process). So I went to my local hippie food store and bought a tub of unrefined organic coconut oil for 12 bucks.  Then I went home, slathered it on my face, and waited... WOW! I was immediately glad I tried it!! My skin started healing. It started feeling soft. It started glowing. It started looking pretty again.
Now being a female, my eyes still get all dreamy when I see facial stuff in fancy, sparkly packaging. And sometimes, because of that, the urge to buy is so overwhelming that, well, I buy it. But I only use it maybe one or two days before I go back to my tried & true coconut oil - because it works SO.MUCH.BETTER. Honestly after the confirmation I got from the esthetician last night, I believe I'll never stray from it again.
Left: No make-up & decent skin - woohoo! Right: New hairdo!
DIY face stuff is incredible, but don't try to DIY on your hair. Leave it to the professionals.
**Every one's skin is different, and as such different people will need to use different things. Coconut oil is magic for me, but it may be total crap for you. Maybe you need avocado oil or shea butter, or whatever oil. You won't know until you read up on them and try some of the different ones for yourself. That said I do honestly believe that a natural DIY approach to skin care is better than anything you can find at a high-end beauty store. It's inexpensive & simple, and easy to find - most local hippie stores and stores like EarthFare and Whole Foods stock pure organic oils & butters.**

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