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Teenage Zombies and Such

Just a short post today... kind of a Halloween public service announcement really.

When teenage zombies, ghouls, and other assorted weird characters appear at your door trick-or-treating for candy tonight, please - PLEASE- don't turn them away. Don't give them shitty looks and ask them, "Aren't you a little too old for this?" or tell them you're saving the candy for the younger trick-or-treaters (buy more, sheesh). Don't begrudgingly plop candy in their bags with a look of disgust on your face. Don't be rude.

Don't try to make them feel bad for wanting to enjoy their childhood just a tiny bit longer.

Because honestly that's all they've got... just a tiny little bit of fun & innocence left until reality and responsibility and jobs and bills hit them like a shotgun blast to the chest. Two, three, four years tops. So let them have this one night: To be silly. To dress up. To hang out with their friends, eating candy and reveling in the last visage of childhood.

Of course they could be out drinking... smashing your carefully carved pumpkins... toilet papering your house... decorating your cars and shrubberies with shaving cream filled condoms... anyway...

Instead they are choosing to be kids, young and innocent - if only for one night - clothed in ridiculous costumes and getting sick on too much candy. Just like they did when they were six. So please remember that when they step onto your doorstep with their grown-up looking bodies and requests for candy. Those grown-up bodies you see are the costumes for now, housing the children underneath but for a little while longer. Try and remember that tonight. Happy Halloween!

This is Wesley. Our resident fat-cat.
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