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One spring, many year ago, two women on opposite sides of the country discovered they were pregnant. Nine months after the first woman discovered she was with child she gave birth to a quiet baby boy. Exactly twenty-five days later the second woman gave birth to a girl. This baby girl, quite impatient and knowing that something was out there waiting for her, came into the world exactly 25 days early.

The babies grew into children, and as they grew their lives followed distinctly non-parallel paths. The boy moved from place to place to place, (much like a winding river), and as such never felt at home anywhere he lived. The girl lived in the same exact place, surrounded by the same exact people, (much like stagnant air), and knew that there was something out there for her that was not of her place. The boy grew up in peace and harmony. The girl grew up in discord and strife. Two paths, running in two completely different directions, destined never to meet.


One day the boys parents decided to move again. This time they moved farther away than they'd ever gone before. This time they moved across the country. This time fate picked up the boy and moved him onto the path of the girl. But fate was not ready for them to meet. Not just yet.

So the boy continued to grow into a young man and the girl into a young woman. And still their paths seemed very different. The boy was a clear lake on a cloudless day, peaceful and serene - while the girl was a wild wind, whipping up everything around her. They did not yet know that though their paths appeared different, they were just at different ends, waiting to meet in the middle. And so it went for a little while longer.


With the flick of her wrist, fate decided it was finally time to throw them together. In the middle of that path the wild wind of a girl met the clear lake of a boy and a perfect storm erupted. A squall that rage and raged for years. 

You see, winds change with a frenzy like nothing else on the earth. They can be unstable and destructive - whipping up a tempest on a whim, creating chaos out of nothing more than the jostling of clouds this way and that. But a lake does not move. It never gives way like the ocean does, turning tide for another. It never runs dry like the stream, giving up when the rains aren't enough to fill it. It never branches away like the river does, leaving to forge a new path. The lake always remains, constant and steady and unyielding... even through the pounding of the wind.

However, though their storm was an almost immediate phenomenon, there was a recognition in these two souls; something known to them both in an instant- (perhaps even known on an unconscious level, in their respective wombs, 2000 miles apart, those many years ago) -  for the moment they met the boy knew he had finally found his home in the heart of the girl, and the girl knew she had finally found her heart within the boy.  And so they hung on to that, and it kept them strong through the hardest days and nights, until the wild wind in the girl finally tired and calmed into a peaceful breeze.

For many years now - (almost half of their lives really) - it has been this way: peaceful and calm, like a clear lake on a breezy day. Home was found in the perfect, beautiful union of two very different souls on two very different paths and love everlasting was forged in the heart of a storm.

Oh yes, they lived happily ever after. The end.

It's Been Smooth Sailing, My Friend... Happy (Upcoming) 17th.
Much Love, Your Wife 

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