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Fatty Fatty Bumbelatty!

I told myself I wouldn't blog about this until I reached my goal, but I'm going to blog about it anyway. Partly because I'm feeling frustrated with this. And really because blogging about this gets out my frustrations. And kinda because this might help someone else. So what is this "this" that I speak of anyway?

Weight Loss.

I've been doing Weight Watchers since May 1st of this year (that's 26 weeks, folks) and as of last week's weigh-in I've lost about 24 pounds. So basically I'm not even losing a pound a week. Except that's not exactly true... technically yes, but... I'm one of those people who takes two steps forward and one step back: i.e.  I lose 3 pounds one week & gain 2 the next, lose 4 pounds the week after & gain 1 back, etc, etc. But like that slow, and probably fat, little tortoise I'm still succeeding.

So here's where the little motivational part of my blog kicks in, right?

You know those motivational pics making the rounds on the interwebz... It's a picture of a ridiculously fit, half naked woman  and you wonder where she's hiding her penis and it says "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" OR "Being fat is hard, Maintaining your weight is hard, Getting fit is hard, Pick your hard" or some shit like that.

I hate those. I'm not gonna write any nonsense like that because they don't motivate me in the least.

They don't motivate me because 1. Everything tastes better than being skinny. Literally.Every.Fucking.Thing. I can name a bazillion things: pizza, chocolate, bread, pancakes, wine, pasta, sushi, bacon, anything fried, anything butter-coated, anything not a green smoothie.... yeah, pretty much the only thing that doesn't taste better is those nasty green smoothies that look like Oscar The Grouch's vomit. Which is probably why the people who drink those are skinny... and 2. Being fat isn't hard. It's just not. In fact it is so damn easy to be fat. Seriously. You eat whatever you want and it tastes divine - (way better than skinny, in fact) - and you feel full and content after a good, satisfying meal. It's bliss.

Getting thin (and even maintaining it) is what's hard. It sucks. Weight Watchers has made it much easier than anything else I've tried, but it's still hard. When everyone in your family's each eating 4 pieces of a supreme pizza and washing it down with Coke and you're eating one small slice, a green salad and a water, well, it's just a crappy feeling.

You know what does motivate me though, what keeps me going? Vanity. Yeah, I know that's soooo horrible and shallow. I should say I want to be around a long time for my family, or I want to get healthy, blah, blah, blah. But if I'm being honest with myself I'm motivated by vanity. I wanna wear cute clothes and I wanna head into my 40s looking hot.

I think that's been the key to my slow & steady success: I'm finally being honest with myself and working toward a real & true goal. So I thought I'd share that with anyone out there who's also struggling with their weight. Dig deep and find your motivation. And when you fuck up, which you will - (I went over 80 points this week... hence my frustration) - calm down and realize it's not the end of the world. And don't give up. Don't. Any progress you make, no matter how small, is still progress. And no matter how many little (or big) setbacks you have, if you just keep moving forward then you ARE succeeding. Good luck!

Me @ 197 lbs. (I lost some weight b4 WW)
Fatty, Fatty Bumbelatty!
Pic By: One of My Many Cousins

Me now @ 161 lbs.
Much lighter, but more to go!
Crappy Mirror Pic By: Meh 

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