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On Forgetting What It's Like.

I think that once you've been a parent for a while - in our case 18 years now - you forget how it is to be a kid.

When I first met my husband, he himself was a kid: 18 years old with long hair, tattoos, and tight jeans that showcased a perfectly sculpted ass. I met him at a place where all of us crazies partied... The Crack Shack. Back then he was known as being a real badass trouble making beer swilling mother fucker. ((side note: He didn't seem the least bit interested in me. I punched him in the gut for his lack of interest, he laughed at my pitiful slugging attempt, and I was on my way to the next hot guy.))

The second time I met him, he was 21 with long hair, tattoos, and the same fabulous ass. This time he lived in the ghetto, on a street called Beaver Lane. I'm fairly certain that he only moved there because of the name of the street, because at that time he was interested in about three things: getting drunk, getting rowdy, and getting randy. So it's probably NO surprise that was still known as being a real badass trouble making beer swilling mother fucker. ((side note: He was definitely interested in me the second time. Haha I win.))

Anyway, since that time he's done something of a 180. Gone is the long hair, and the tattoos have faded somewhat - (although thankfully he's still got a killer ass). He's traded drunken brawls and one night stands for quiet nights filled with HGTV and the love of the best wife ever. In the years since I first met him he seems to have forgotten how it feels to be 18. In many ways he's become his father now, unable to recall the many important milestones of a typical 18 year old. And make no mistake, 18 is still very much a kid.

So when our oldest asked one of us to take him to his see his favorite band for his first concert, (no he's not driving yet, sue me), my hubby grumbled & grumbled about how unimportant a stupid concert is. He didn't want to take him for a plethora of reasons, all which were more than valid:

1. He's tired and needs rest.
2. He just can't hang like he used to.
3. He just wants to relax after a long week at work AND school.
4. He's so.fucking.tired.
5. Concerts are just not that important in the scheme of life.
6. #%$& damnit he's TIRED!!

However, I took the last kid and it was his turn. So after grumbling a little more, he took him.

****Music is a funny thing. It gets the blood going and stirs up your soul. It's able to connect people from all walks of life... even people from different generations.****

When my hubby and sons got back later that evening, he thanked me so many times for pushing him to go. Not only did he get to bond with his boys - he got to step in their shoes for a night and remember how it feels to be young... AND the importance of a good fucking concert.

I think it's really important that we parents take the time to indulge in these moments so that we don't forget, so that we never lose touch: Play pretend with them when they're little, do their silly projects with them when they're young, make an effort to know their interests and get involved with them no matter how trivial it seems to you... Go to concerts with them as they get older. Soon they too will be adults and that time will have passed you all by. Enjoy it while you're able.

My brother's old band... He's old now too.
Shoot the Blitz art stuff by him.

SUPER DUPER INCREDIBLE PS. Hubby even pulled a "me" and made our oldest's first concert one he'll remember forever: Hubby muscled his way to the front of the stage and yelled to the lead singer, "Hey Fat Mike, come sign my kids shirt, it's his first show!!!" over and over and over until security threatened to kick him out (there's the rowdy guy I met!) .... BUT also until the lead singer for Nofx came over and signed our son's tshirt. Oh, and Fat Mike even stuck around for a minute and chatted with him about his first show. As my son so eloquently put it, it was freaking awesome!

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