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Selfies & Hand Shakes & Scandals... Oh My!

I generally don't put my political views out into the cyber world because it starts  the most ridiculous  arguments. I think I've only blogged on the subject of politics once and it was to ask people of all affiliations to stop being fucktards.

I don't consider myself a flaming liberal or a stick-in-the-ass conservative. I like to think I'm somewhere in the middle... aka I try to use common sense. My thoughts on heavy issues run the gamut from pretty conservative to pretty liberal. But one thing I absolutely can not stand is when folks disrespect and try to tear down the leader of our nation over  absolute nonsense. I can't stand it being done when our leader is a republican and I can't stand it being done when our leader is a democrat. Black, white, man, woman, elephant, donkey, whatever.... I just hate it period. It gets on my fucking nerves.

Which brings me to Nelson Mandela's memorial service. Obama done went and took a selfie and, according to the news headlines, he shook hands with Adolf Hitler.

Now, if you've ever been to a not-white-people funeral - I'll use the glorious Puerto Ricans as an example - then you know that there are going to be cameras everywhere. Everywhere. Birthdays, weddings, any holiday, impromptu get-togethers, and yes even at funerals... As in "Hey third prima twice removed, Great-great Titi is dead, but I ain't seen you since you was two years old, so lets snap a pic!" or "Hey uncle, I haven't seen you since last week, so let's snap a pic!" or "Hey I never get to dress up and look good, so I'm gonna snap a pic!" In fact have a wonderful family photo of my mom, brother, and all our kids... at my Grandfathers funeral... in the cemetery. It's just what we do.

So you see, just because you personally don't do it doesn't mean it's bad and horrible to take pictures at a funeral. Plus, you know, it wasn't even a funeral. And also there's much bigger stories to report on... Like this.

Now, if you've ever been to a white-folks funeral - I'll use the glorious Southerners as an example - then you know that you shake a hand and/or kiss a damn cheek when it's presented to you, whether you love them or want to claw their freaking eyeballs out. Of course afterward it's ok to very quietly mumble under your breath for them to go fuck themselves, bless their heart. And if by chance they heard your mumbling and ask what was said you use your best sugar-coated voice and tell them "I was just reminiscing about poor Aunt Fannie, bless her heart." and politely dab away tears. But we shake their damn-blasted hand regardless, because that's just how we were raised.

So you see, just because you personally don't do it doesn't mean it's bad and horrible to shake an enemies hand at a funeral. Plus the guy wasn't Adolf Hitler, even though the media is making that comparison. And also there's much bigger stories to report on... Like this.

There you have it. Who gives a shit. Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz. Our media and politically minded friends need to start talking about the important stories out there, and then maybe work to resolve them, instead of trying to stir up a pot full of useless crap.

As you can see, I'm a big supporter of the selfie.
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