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Old Dogs, New Tricks!

My mom made me super proud of her the other day. 

Her generation grew up with all kinds of prejudice. If you weren't the 'right' color, you were shunned. If you weren't the 'right' gender, you were shunned. If you spoke a different language, you were shunned. If you dressed different, you we're shunned. In short, if you weren't a cracker-white, upper-crust person with the right job and family then you were seen as lesser than by 'polite' society. 

((Basically I woulda been screwed on BOTH sides of my family back in those days thanks to my dirt-poor-white-country-family & my brownish-Spanish-speaking-Rican-family. HA!)) 

Moving on, as I digress...

Usually I just roll my eyes when older people say stupid things because 1. they weren't taught any better and 2. it's about damn pointless to try and argue with them. You know the old saying, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." That generally holds true. 

Except when it doesn't hold true...

There is a transgender lady (a biological male who identifies as a woman, in case you're not up to speed on these things) who lives at my moms apartment complex. My mom told me that people shun her. Then she told me she kind of avoided her at first too because she was different....

((at which point I started to lecture her)) 

...but then she told me that she thought to herself, "Well I'm different too in my own ways, so why am I going to avoid her just because she's different?" 

((Oh yes, believe me, my mom is NOT lying. She is in her very own category of different, weird old lady - and I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course. Like mother, like daughter blah blah blah...))

Anyway, then she blew me away when she said, "That's right, I said SHE, not HE because if thats how she relates, then that's how I'll treat her!" And so now my mom goes out of her way to be nice to that lady and chats with her when she sees her. 

See, apparently you can teach old dogs new tricks! I wish more older people were like my sweet little mommy. Really though I wish more people, of all ages, we're like that in general. The world would a much nicer place!  

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