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Partying at the Beach

Three of my girlfriends and I like to take a trip once a year to party at the beach.

Now I know that with a name like 'Flippa Bird' you're conjuring up visions of beer keg handstand days and girls gone wild nights.

But let me tell you, we party way harder than that.... During non beach trip weekends. That's right. We sure do.

We contend with wiley teenagers and young kids. We cook, clean, and taxi them around. Some of us even work outside the home on top of the work we do in the home. We manage households and the social lives of our families. And we referee arguments that make the WWWF look like romper room. 

So when we go away for a weekend, partying takes on a whole different tone. An unimaginable one. We party hard, yo.

We sleep in until 9 am (trust me, that's a big ass deal) and we sit on the balcony looking out at the ocean & drinking our coffee until we turn into real human beings again. When we're human once more we go out and eat copious amounts of grub until our stomachs are near to exploding.

And then we go back to our condo and take naps.

Yes, I said naps. We take hard core naps, bitches. Real naps, like the kind you take when you're 4 years old and don't wanna. Except we DO wanna! 

Once we've refueled the sleepy tank from our wild morning & early afternoon, we drag our groggy, bloated, fat asses down to the beach and plop there for hours, drinking homemade peach sangria in our  styrofoam cups - (why no officer, this isn't alcohol, it's peach lemonade) - and eating homemade peach salsa - (don't judge our love of peaches ok, we're southern girls). We even occasionally dip into the ocean and let the waves knock us back and forth until we decide it's too much effort... and then we plop our fat asses back down on the beach. We do this till the sun goes down. 

That's when the real party starts.

Oh yes, I told you. We party hard. 

At this point we break out the big guns: cooking utensils. We cook a big, fat dinner and mosey back on out to the balcony to eat it. 

Then we drink wine and go to bed. 

It's such an unbelievable, wild party experience for us because we so rarely get to party like this. It's a much needed time to just kick back and do nothing, with no one needing anything save the sand and surf.

And naps... delicious, delightful naps. We even shower in peace every once in a while too.  

Party on bitches!!

Cell phone view of our ocean. Wheeee! 
Pic by: Yours Truly