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Mean Girls.

I've come to realize that there are always going to be mean girls.

No matter what your age, they're lurking around every corner... just waiting to tear into you. No matter how beautiful, successful, or wonderful of a person you are there's always going to be that girl, or group of girls, that's going to try and beat you down... sometimes in a flat-out "you're hideous and I'm better than you" kind of way. And always in that maddening, passive-aggressive "oh that's not what I meant" kind of way.


I love my fellow ladies. I have friends who, like myself, are not conventional beauties (i.e not size 4 photoshopped supermodels) and I have friends who could grace the pages of Victorias's Secret. Either way I feel like part of my job as their friend, and fellow female, is to build them up.  

I feel like this applies to gals I don't know as well. When I'm out shopping I pay (sincere) compliments to strangers. When I meet someone new I do the same. Women on my online social networks get the same treatment. I do this because I feel that the world is hard enough on our looks as it is. 

And honestly, all these girls I see are beautiful. All women are beautiful. We all have something spectacular about us that makes us shine. It makes me supremely happy to point out what they sometimes have a hard time seeing in themselves. 

Even celebrities aren't immune. They get bashed about their looks everyday by everyday women: "too thin" or "lips are too big" or "ass is too big" and "hair looks like shit" or "titties are droopy" and blah, blah, blah.


I got the passive agressive treatment on a makeup group I was invited to on the Facebook. I posted a makeup look and in the thread beneath it a contrasting look. The feedback was nice and I was able to (hopefully) teach some new gals some new tricks. 

However I noticed a snarky picture posted not long after that... It was obviously mocking someone. I'm fairly certain that someone was me, but even if it wasn't....


I'm the top bitch, they're the bottom bitches.

I just don't get it. I mean I understand the reason chicks like this do things like that... It's because they feel bad about themselves, I get that part. I've felt bad about myself too (see a couple of blog posts before this one). But why lash out and project that misery into others? Why not wallow in your own misery with a cheap hangover inducing bottle of wine and an expensive wallet-busting box of chocolates?? That's what I do. Trust me, it works. 

I've also found that when I'm feeling crappy about myself I always, ALWAYS feel better when I help build someone up instead of tearing them down. Because when my inner beauty shines it totally lights me up and my outside becomes a little more beautiful too.

Maybe one day the mean girls of the world will learn that lesson. Sadly I'm not sure that's even going to happen. 

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