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Many Days of Shopping: Pinup Girl Clothing

Every woman knows that the LBD is a wardrobe staple, but during the holidays why blend in when you were born to stand out!? (-thanks Dr Seuss).

At my husband's company Christmas party last year I wore black. Because black is slimming. Actually almost very gal wore black. Not that there's anything wrong with that; it's one of my favorite colors. But in a sea of LBDs another black frock simply has no impact. 

And I like making an impact.

When I walk into a room I want heads to turn. I want to be the loveliest flower, the brightest star, the most sparkling gem... or at least make people wonder why I left Hollywood for SC. Ha!

So if you don't like attention, you may want to just stop reading now. The dress I'm about to show you garners a lot of attention. 

It's called the Ava dress from Pinup Girl Clothing and it's honestly the only special occasion dress you'll ever need. It takes you from a simple date night to high class social functions with ease.

Constructed from a sumptuous shakira satin, it features a faux wrap bodice and tulip hem skirt for a figure hugging silhouette. An attached, wide sash belt cinches your waist to hourglass perfection and the hidden side zip makes wiggling into this dress a breeze! It comes in a wide variety of lux, jewel-toned colors to flatter any skin tone. 

I bought my Burnt Gold Ava on sale (along with a coupon code, because I'm super fruggle) and was a little unsure of the color at first.... Until I received it and put it on! The color is so rich and completely different than anything I've ever worn. I immediately felt like a silver screen siren, ready for my close-up! 

But I bet you're not convinced yet. Because the one thing I've heard many women worry over is the fit of a garment when shopping online. You know how that goes... 

You're perusing online and there it is: the most beautiful dress you've ever seen! So you order it and count the days... when it arrives in the mail you're soooo excited!! You rip open the package like a 6 year old at Christmas. You hold it up and have visions of looking like the goddess diva you are... 

and then, ever so reverently, you put on your divine new frock...

and you run to the nearest mirror to primp and preen and see your new dress in all it's glory...

and then sit on your bed and cry because you look more like a sack of lumpy potatoes than the sexy woman you know you are.


As a 5 foot tall, size 14 (US) woman, this worry is very real to me. My waist is more than a few inches bigger than my husbands, (who is way taller than me). But I want you to look below...

That's me. Little old chubby, almost 40 year old me in my Ava dress. I don't think I look like a sack of lumpy potatoes in it. I mean I definitely have lumps... but they're lovely lady humps. (-thanks Fergie.)

One of the things I absolutely adore about Pinup Girl Clothing is their mantra: Couture for Everybody! 

They're not playing either. 

This dress, as with the majority of their dresses, runs from size XS to 4XL. Yes, you read that right... 4XL. 

And, unlike some companies, they're very concise with their measurements. There's no vanity sizing here and no "an XL really means a size 8" bullshit. 

Also their customers are really great about giving their own experiences with fit & measurements in the review section of each particular article of clothing. And if that's not enough, their friendly customer service reps are more than happy to assist you via the handy online chat option! 

Now, as a person of demure stature I must tell you that their dresses run extremely long on me. If you're under 5'7 they'll probably run long on you as well. However, (though I wish they'd offer petite lengths), I expect this with pretty much any article of clothing I purchase. Even petite lengths have a tendency to be too long in the legs for me, so this is more of an observation for you all than a complaint from me. I had my Ava hemmed for $15. Because I got it at such an amazing price, even with alterations, it was still less than the original retail price. 

Also keep in mind that the undergarments you wear make a big difference in the look of this, (and really any), dress... So if you're more modest than me you can still wear this dress and not have your boobies shining in all of their mammarific glory. 

I'd also like to add that I believe proper undergarments are essential to a flattering figure - so I'm rocking my c-411 Orchard Corset (in satin) underneath for a smooth silhouette. But again if you like a less exaggerated figure, you can forgo these foundations and the dress still looks absolutely amazing! 

I really encourage you to treat yourself this holiday season and splurge on the perfect dress for yourself. No matter what your size you deserve to feel like the belle of the ball when you walk into a room. And I promise you, you'll feel that way in the Ava. 

Oh, and if you're a hubby/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/booty-call/whatever reading this, nothing is more romantic than gifting your goddess a decadently wrapped package containing this dress in her favorite color. But if you're unsure of your lady's size, a beautifully wrapped package containing a nice gift certificate is a close second. 

Happy Holiday Shopping... CHEERS!
Photos by: Lori Lucas of Digital Eye Photography
Edits by: Justin Lingle of 6 Romeo Studios

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