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Many Days of Shopping: Secrets in Lace

I think it can be daunting for a guy to buy his lady lingerie, which is sad really, because most women absolutely adore receiving high-end lingerie.

I believe the problem is false advertising on the part of certain companies. Women in certain ads are made to look like prepubescent girls with melons stuck on their chests.

Now before you get all huffy I'm not skinny bashing. But let's be honest, even a VS model doesn't look like a VS model in real life. So it's difficult to gauge how that sliver of VS lace is going to look on a fuller figure.

Luckily I discovered a lingerie company a couple of years ago that uses a more realistic type of model in their advertising: Secrets in Lace. And lucky for you I'm going to share some of their pretties with you to help make your gift shopping a breeze! 

You see, their models have curves... and even rolls. And that's not a bad thing. Not only are the women in their catalogues drop-dead gorgeous, but they give you a much better idea of how lingerie is going to look on the average figure. And to top it off their pieces have a lovely retro flair that evokes a more sensual time and caters to a voluptuous figure.

Because I want to save the shots of myself in my skivvies for my dear hubby, I'm going to share with you two luxurious items that I assure you your lady will go gaga over! These two items make wonderful gifts because they're not something that a woman would generally splurge on. I know I personally love a decadent gift every now and again and I bet your gal will love them as well!

First up is the Eva Sheer Outline Heel full fashioned thigh high hose. At 89 bucks a pop they are a bit pricy... however when I pulled these beauties out of their packaging my first thought was that they had to have been created from magical butterfly wings.

I'm not even joking. They were the lightest weight material I'd ever touched and felt like a whisper in my hands. My husband said... well, I won't tell you everything he said.... but he did say you want to buy your wife a pair.

I'd also never seen a pair of stockings that were shaped like an actual leg and not just a shapeless tube. This is due to the way they're manufactured, (which is the same way stockings were made in the 40's and 50's): they're knit flat and then sewn together to create a backseam.

In fact these 15 denier nylon stockings are actually made on the same machines used in the 40's and 50's! One pair of Eva stockings takes three hours to construct... so now you understand why these stockings are priced as they are. And I promise you, they're worth every single penny!

One side note I need to mention is that these hose are not stretchy and so you do need to size accordingly. Don't think you can vanity size your wife down, (or yourself, ladies) because it won't work and it'll just end up in tears. 

I'm a short and voluptuous person (5'1 and size 14) and I ordered the opera length. They're a tad bit long, but you can see they fit my fuller thighs quite nicely! Seriously, they're so gorgeous that when I'm not wearing them I have them hanging as a display piece in my bedroom. 

Now if your budget will not allow for the Eva, you can still treat your lady to a couture nylon stocking with the Dana Glamour.

At only $14.99 a pair these lovelies are a bit more affordable than the Eva. And because they have a some stretch to them they're a little easier to size as well.

With a glamorous french heel and sassy backseam you lose none of the sexiness. And don't be fooled by the price, they are amazing. They are not Wally World panty hose. These have a high-end feel for a low-end budget... which is one of my favorite things ever.

Another wonderful gift idea that will leave you both happy is something I bet you've never even thought of... (but I bet she has).


Yes gloves. Every girl has dreamed of dressing up like Audry Hepburn of Breakfast at Tiffany's fame. Sleek black dress, sparkly little tiara. and beautiful elbow length gloves. 

Sadly most gals won't take the plunge and just buy themselves a pair. This is where you come in, dear man. 

You can take the plunge for her...

There are so many styles to choose from and you honestly can't go wrong with any of them! From the over elbow length black lace (above) to the sheer wrist length (below)...

And back to black lace again... this time in a shorty length. 

It's a little bit of decadence right at her finger tips (quite literally)! 

All of the gloves are beautifully finished and have fantabulous stretch to them, making them a great gift for ladies of ALL sizes. I have larger upper arms and had no issues with the over elbow gloves rolling or squeezing (the ladies know what I'm talking about). 

The gloves range from $22 on up, making them a budget friendly splurge. 

Now gentlemen, here's what you need to do: you pair one of those lovely pair of gloves with a pair of sexy thigh high stockings, wrap it up real pretty like, and you can guarantee you'll be getting smooched under the mistletoe this year!! It's a gift you will both enjoy! 

These all earned my husband's sexy seal of approval. 
Btw, all photos by: My Hubba-Hubba Hubby 

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