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Many Days of Shopping: Tarahbelle Jewelry Designs

I collect loose gemstones and have for years. Trying to figure out what to do with them without breaking the bank has been a source of angst to me for years.

Until, thanks again Etsy,  I found Tarabelle Jewelry Designs!! (Also on Facebook!) 

Now if you don't have loose gemstones just laying around, (because really, who does that except weirdos), you need not worry... Tarabelle Jewelry Designs has beautiful pieces that are already made to sell. Or she can even make you a lovely piece made to your specifications using a gem or stone of your request.

For my piece I asked her to use 5 cut quartz stones I already had: 1 lemon quartz and 4 smokey quartz. For my custom piece I requested a pendant in this formation. 

Before I received the piece she messaged me to let me know she had thought of a different design and asked me if I would mind if she went for it. Being a little artsy myself I know that when inspiration takes hold you go with it. 

So I let her know to have her way with my stones (haha... sorry, I'm being pervy). Soon after she sent me a pic of the progress... I was quite pleased with what I saw!

When I received the pendant it was beautifully packaged in a plush burgundy velvet box, packed inside of a white jewelry box. 

And when I opened the box my jaw dropped. It was absolutely stunning. My terrible pictures do it no justice...

I was immediately blown away by the detailing on the piece! Intricate swirls of silver and copper securely cradled the stones, without overwhelming them.

The setting ensures that the sparkle isn't dulled. I went to grab a chain from my jewelry box to put it on.... but then I discovered the back of the piece. 

It was just as beautiful as the front... and maybe even more so! The design is as such that it looked absolutely perfect worn either way!!

It's completely lovely facing front... see??

And just as gorgeous facing back... 

The wire work appears so delicate yet the stones are set firmly in place. And she guarantees her work, so that if a stone ever comes loose she will fix it for free. Another aspect that I adore is that each piece is 100% hand made... so no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

I've tried to show the piece in different lighting so you can get an idea of how it will look in different conditions. You'll notice that regardless of the lighting it shines like the sun!! 

With jewelry ranging from $10 on up, it's affordable for any budget! However, keep in mind that a custom piece can take a couple of weeks to complete, so if you're looking to go custom you will need to get your order in soon if you're wanting it under the tree. But again, she does have pretty pieces already made for your convenience. 

And if your gifted doesn't care for pendants Tarahbelle Jewelry Designs makes rings, bangles, arm bands, and earrings as well! 

Remember, one can never, ever, ever go wrong giving a gift that sparkles! So, guys, bling her up this Christmas... Happy holiday shopping!!

All photos by: Me 
*Except the in-progress photo: Credit to Tarahbelle Jewelry Designs* 

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