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See What Had Happened Was... (18 yrs ago)

My husband and I met many, many years ago - wayyy back in the spring 1996 - at his house on Beaver Lane. If the name of the road doesn't give it away, it was the quintessential drunken bachelor pad.

Upon meeting we immediately disliked one another. I was bitchy and he was, well... ok I was bitchy. 

Dates at the hardware store cause bitchy wife face... 

However one thing led to another thing, and after a night of one too many beers, his quiet demeanor, large muscles, and long Fabio-esque hair piqued my interest. And so I did what any other reasonable 21 year old girl would do: I pretended to pass out on his front porch to see what he would do. 

After unsuccessfully trying to wake me - (haha) - he scooped me up in his big arms, carried me to his room, set me down on his bed...and proceeded to rip my clothes off. 

Just kidding. 

He didn't do that at all. He did scoop me up in his arms and carry me to his room, but he laid down on the floor next to the bed and went to sleep. Of course I had to wake him up and ask him why he laid on the floor instead of on the bed with me. His response was, "To make sure no one comes in here and messes with you."

Well that was it. He passed the test and I was smitten! I got his cute little arse up on the bed with me and asked him out on a date for the very next evening. He answered with a shy "Yes." Oh, and get your mind out of the gutter... We didn't even a kiss that night. He held me while I slept.

In the morning I gave him a hug, reminded him about our date, and went home. 

Now unfortunately for me my brother had "borrowed" and wrecked my new car into a ditch the evening before, while watching his friend get sexual favors from a prostitute in the back seat. 

Yes I'm serious. 

And there is a reason I'm telling you this. You see my not-yet-husband unwrapped his arms from around me long enough that night to pay to have my car towed out of the ditch. But didn't tell me what had happened... he didn't want to get in the middle of obvious white-o-rican-trash nonsense. 

At any rate I got a flat tire, (due to the wreck the night before that I had no knowledge of), on the way to pick hubs-to-be up for our date... and I was over an hour late. 

When I showed up, Hubs-to-be, thinking I was a no show, had already spent his money on beer and was fast approaching drunk. But neither hell nor high water... nor prostitutes, nor flat tires, nor drunkeness... would keep me from this man. 

We went out anyway. 

We went out again the night after that. 

And the night after that and the night after that. 

A week later we were living together.

A month later I was knocked up. 

Six months later we were married in a small church ceremony, with a pitiful reception that my hubby likes to refer to as having been held in the "church mess hall." 

There was no first dance, no toasts, no big celebration. Just two scared kids wondering what the hell they'd gotten themselves into. See that church picture?

That's where we got married.

We had such a memorable beginning. And although we started out rather ass-backward, we've come full circle and reached every goal we've made for ourselves: We've raised 3 intelligent, beautiful, incredible, talented, creative, awesome kids. We've made a beautiful home together. We've proved that a marriage can survive and thrive despite ANY obstacle, as long as both parties are willing to love, accept, compromise, forgive, and work at it... every single day

I won't say it's been complete wedded bliss the many years we've been married. While it has been better than any fairy tale dream these past several years, sometimes, especially toward the middle of our time together, it was the exact opposite. But there is no one on heaven or earth that I'd rather go through life's highs and lows with than my darling husband.

So today I give you our story.... because on Sunday I will be snuggled in bed with the love of my life celebrating a happy 18th anniversary to us!

Getting ready to get hitched! 

PS. And thank you to my brother for introducing the hubby and me... I'm now kinda glad he wrecked my car. Ha!

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