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Three Men and a Baby

This is a story of appreciation, true love, and happy endings. 

You see there once was a young girl who loved a young boy with a very grownup kind of love. Only the young boy was not ready to love the young girl the way she loved him and so she knew she had to let him go. 

The young boy was over the whole thing rather quickly and commenced to run about, cavorting with other young girls, while the young girl stayed home and cried. 

One day the young girl bumped into a very good friend and she cried in his arms. And he comforted her. And one thing lead to another thing and soon they were spending much of their time together. 

Only this boy didn't tell her that he was also spending time with other girls. 

Very soon after the young girl was with his child. She didn't know what she would do, but she did know that she would keep and love this child. So she told this boy.

He became very angry.

You see he already had one child by another that he did not see and he had no intention of seeing the new one either. So he boarded a plane, flew across the country, and she never saw him again. 

The young girl had thought this boy a true friend and was heartbroken over the betrayal. However she lifted her chin and made plans for the growing life inside of her. 

A couple of months passed and the first young boy popped back into her life, with claims of true love. He had convinced himself that the child in the young girl's belly might be his and he made promises of the three of them spending their lives together as a family. 

The young girl tried to tell the young boy that this was an impossibility, but he wouldn't listen. He doted on her and romanced her. Her love for him bloomed once more and so she stopped pushing the issue. 

They would walk about town holding hands and the young boy would proudly announce to everyone that this was his baby growing inside the young girl's belly.

One day they happened across one of the young boy's acquaintances and he introduced the young girl to that young boy. She didn't know at the time that that young boy would enter her life again in a very significant way...  So they said their goodbyes and went on their way. And she thought she was happy and that her future with the young boy was happy.

However, the further along she got, the more distant the young boy became until, once more, he was finding other young girls to keep him company. 

Once again the young girl was devastated and knew she needed to move on for good. Only she felt so very lost and unsure of how to do so. 

The day finally came when the baby was to arrive and the young boy insisted on being at her side though it all. She held his hand as the baby arrived, all of her hopes and dreams about to enter the world... 

And hope was indeed born: a beautiful baby boy with big brown eyes and chubby cheeks made his way into the world and she loved him immediately. She loved the baby so much, in fact, that she realized she had never experienced true love until that moment. 

She knew what she needed to do. 

She quietly ordered the test she knew she needed to be rid of the young boy. Somewhere inside of her she hoped that he would still stay, though she knew in her heart that he wouldn't. 

And she was quite correct. 

The young girl told the young boy that the baby was, without a doubt, not his. 

And so he gathered up his things from the hospital room, said a hasty goodbye, and he left.

The young girl signed her name to the baby's birth certificate, leaving the space for the father's name blank, knowing that to do so would ensure that she would do this alone and with no interference, or help, from anyone. 

And so she took the baby home.

She and the baby lived alone in her small hovel, and she was truly and completely happy for the first time in her entire life.

She occasionally went on dates with other young men, but never committed to anyone because her heart belonged to the baby boy completely.

Until one day she ran into that young boy again, who was now a young man. 

She didn't like the young man very much and he didn't care for her much either, (though he thought her to be very beautiful and she thought him quite handsome). 

She tried to avoid the young man when at all possible, but failed and ended up getting to see a side of him she had not initially seen.

The young man, with his quiet demeanor and handsome physique, fascinated her. And she decided that she wanted to get to know him even better. So, being the unconventional young girl that she was, she asked him out on a date.

He said yes.

When she arrived for the date he asked her a question that threw her for a loop, "Where is your son?" 

"I'm not bringing my baby on a date... Why would I bring my baby on a date?!" she exclaimed.

"I just thought you would since he's a part of you." He replied. 

The young man then explained that he figured the girl and the baby were a package deal and that he was ok with that. He just wanted her to know that.

The young girl was taken aback.

On their next date the young girl brought the baby. 

The young man held the baby while the young girl ate her ice cream. He even let the baby slobber all over his own ice cream... and proceeded to eat after the sweet little slobbery baby.

Soon the young girl was with child once more. "Let's be a real family!" he said, and so she and the young man were promptly married. 

"I want us all to have the same last name." he said "I want to really be this baby's father." 

So they went to the courthouse and the young girl said to them, "I married my baby's father." 

"Is this baby yours?" they asked him.

The young man replied, without a trace of doubt or a hint of hesitation, "Yes he is."

And so the young man signed his name to the once empty space on the baby's birth certificate and became the baby's rightful father. 

The baby boy grew, and then a new baby boy arrived and then another baby entered the world (they liked making babies)... and the three babies grew into children, and the boy and the girl loved those three children very, very much. 

One day the children were all grown up. It happened in the blink of an eye. And the baby boy was now a young man living on his own. 

Being a young man and making your way in the world is hard. There are lessons to be learned and hard knocks to be taken, and so sometimes he was moody and felt unloved. 

The young girl, now a grown woman, knew she needed to tell him the story of three men and a baby so he could understand just exactly how much he really is loved. 

He was loved immediately and without hesitation by not only his mother, but also by his true father... The father who wanted the package deal. 

The father who honestly forgets that the baby boy is not made from the same genetic material because he loves him just as fiercely as he loves the other two. 

The father who changed diapers and cleaned poop and pee and vomit and bandaged scraps and wiped tears. 

The father who has spent the baby's whole life trying to ensure that baby has had a good and comfortable life, and wanted for nothing, often to his own detriment. 

There may have been three men and a baby to start, but the baby has really only ever needed the love of his father... which he's had, unconditionally, from day one.

Anyway, the young girl and that young man lived super-duper & ridiculously happily ever after. And they truly hope their baby boy does too. 

The End. 

And then Baby-Kitty came along and the young man loved the cat more than he loved anyone ever. Ha! The End. 


Three Days of Pinup Girl Clothing

Though it takes much more effort than I'm used to I'm really enjoying dressing nicely. Three days is just enough to feel human, but not so much that I feel completely overwhelmed. At any rate I believe it's agreeing with me... I feel happier and more put together than ever!

This past week I turned to an old favorite for inspiration: Pinup Girl Clothing, one of the original purveyors of pinup style clothing. Manufactured in the US for women of all shapes and sizes. And with a motto of "for women, by women" they've quickly become one of my favorite places to shop.

Please keep in mind that the dresses I'm showing you were on clearance and may or may not still be available. So, if available, I will provide links to the style of dress just in different colorways. If the dress is completely out of stock, you can go on a waitlist and get an email when it's back in stock, which I promise you is totally worth it.

Now let's begin with my first outfit, shall we?

Jenny Dress in Red Harlequin:
This dress makes me supremely happy! It's comfortable and flattering on my fluffier size self... not to mention the print is simply darling!! The deep reds, browns, and pinks make this a versatile piece. You could wear a brown jacket with it just as easily as a black bolero or a light pink, (or even a hot pink, red, or burgundy), cardigan.

As with most PUG pieces, sizing seems to vary from piece to piece. I went by the sizing and ordered a 2XL in this dress (I'm a 14 petite in everything else in the universe) and it swallowed me. Also it's ridiculously long on me, so I had to have it altered. That I knew before I bought it... I knew that at the very least I would need to have the length altered. What I didn't know is that the shop I took it to was going to butcher it. Thankfully I was able to get it to another alterations shop who was able to repair the damage. So here's an important note to everyone: Find a good alterations shop and stick with them!! Anyway, moving on...

I styled this dress with a black crop cardigan from New York & Co., a wide PUG belt (from a different dress), a vintage light pink chiffon petticoat, and my Sbicca spat heels. The built in boning in the bodice provides structure and support, while the full skirt camouflages my wider hips. It gives me a fabulous shape and makes me feel like a Disney princess! I must confess, though they are all gorgeous, this outfit was my favorite of the three.

Grace Dress in Flocked Blue:
This was my husband's favorite dress! The cleavage that the gathered bust produces is absolutely amazing! And the deep blue background sets off the black flocking, creating a stunning, rich effect like something out of a classic movie! Also the fabric is a heavier weight and perfect for the colder weather.

Once again I followed the sizing charts and ordered a 2XL. It fit perfectly everywhere, but was extremely tight around my waist which created a bulging effect on the sides, similar to a sausage busting out of its casing... in other words, not very appealing. But hey, that's my issue, not PUGs. And it was nothing that an underbust waspie corset from Orchard Corset couldn't fix!

Once I added that corset the dress was perfection! It boosted me up in all the right places and once more the full skirt hid imperfections. I also added a black knit quarter sleeve bolero jacket (thrift find), and that sumptuous royal blue chiffon petticoat from Pettiskirt Style, which happened to be an exact match to the deep royal blue in the dress. The dress has a very full skirt and is perfectly lovely without a petticoat, but I just adore seeing those sweet ruffles peek through the bottom!! Again, I have to stress how much my husband loved this... seriously ladies, if you want to subtly seduce your man this is the dress to do so!

Ashley Dress is Black:
I love the fact that this dress has longer sleeves. Being a bigger gal I have larger arms. I feel more comfortable, and look more balanced, when my upper arms are covered... and this dress slims them down nicely! 

I ordered this in an XL and it fit wonderfully! The only alteration I had done was the length which, again, when you're 5 ft. tall is expected. The fabric is thick and held me firmly in all the right places... no corset or shapewear needed! The wide, notched collar balances out the fullness in the skirt, creating a lovely hourglass shape. Oh, and the buttons look so smart and sophisticated!

This is a versatile dress that can be worn to a PTA meeting, a ladies luncheon, or a quiet night on the town. The day I wore it was a rainy, dreary, blah kind of day, so I opted to brighten it up a bit with the amazing (yes, amazing... there is no other word for it) tricolor organza Shopoholic petticoat, once again from Pettiskirt Style. This is the same petticoat Isla Fisher wears in Confessions of a Shopaholic!! And Oh Em Gee... I can't even begin to describe the craftsmanship that went into this thing... so I won't right now. It truly deserves a blog post of its own (which is coming soon)!! I also added a pair of fuchsia Jessica Simpson heels, a turquoise hair flower from Claire's Boutique (don't judge...), and a colorful boutique bubble necklace and coordinating bracelet. This outfit was the favorite of all of my gal pals and garnered the most compliments from complete strangers!

On a side note, I was going to feature the Erin Dress from PUG, however the same alterations shop that almost ruined my Jenny dress, completely ruined the Erin beyond repair (yes I literally cried). But the dress is so lovely and flattering on ALL body types that I feel I need to include a link anyway.

So there you have it, another week down of dressing like a human! Pinup Girl Clothing is always adding gorgeous new pieces to their repertoire and is always having killer sales, so be sure to sign up for their email list so you don't miss out - Happy Shopping, darlings!!


Almost There!

Since forever and a day now I've been writing about how my hubby is finishing school... I always wonder if people think it's a farce, or maybe they think he's just lazy or something when I say he's been going to school for 20 years for the same degree. 

But man, in that time we've raised three kids and owned three homes and he's worked and I've worked and we've lived our crazy life to the fullest... and we've had many grand and wonderful adventures! 

So yeah, so what? It's taken 20 years. Big whoop. 

But there's a light at the end of this long tunnel and it's growing brighter by the day. In May, if all goes according to plan, he will graduate college and officially be a Mechanical Engineer. 

Here's scary part nĂºmero uno: He's already been hired as an engineer at work in anticipation of his graduation, so he has to graduate. He. Has. To. They can't have a non-degreed engineer, engineering things! He absolutely can not fail. What a terrible fucking weight on his shoulders!! And there's absolutely nothing I can do to ease that mental burden for him. I really don't like that... It makes me feels helpless and useless. 

And here's scary part number B: He's taking a leave of absence at work so he can finish his degree instead of dragging it out for two more semesters. I guess that's not the scary part; that's the easy part. The kicker is that he won't receive a paycheck while he's out. We have to live on our meager savings. 

Now don't get me wrong; I've been poor before. I've been hungry-lights-turned-off-water-shut-off-eating-generic-ramen-noodles-for-months poor. 

But our children haven't. 

They've never experienced having to want for anything. We've always made sure that they were well taken care of and, yes, even a bit spoiled. 

Now I'm telling our daughter she'll have to wait a little while for new blue jeans. Now I'm telling our middle son that new shoes are gonna be put off for a bit. Now I can't just pay our oldest son's phone bill when he falls behind (Don't judge me, seriously. Don't). 

It's not dire... Mostly I'm just being pitiful. Our daughter has more clothes than most supermodels. Our middle son doesn't wear half the new things we buy him anyway because he's an artsy musician who looks the part. And our oldest son needs to learn responsibility. 

But I don't like it. 

Honestly I don't know why I'm sweating it. When hubby graduates we plan on selling our big, beautiful casa and moving into an airstream camper in the woods. We plan on living like backwoods poor folks anyway. We're telling our kids that it'll be a another grand adventure... Complete with chickens and a goat named Bessemer! So far only our middle one is buying into it.

But anywho, that's if he graduates. Which he will. I have the utmost faith in my amazing man. It's just kinda all topsy-turvy and so different than what I've become accustomed to. Living on savings, that is. When did we even get a savings?? I guess that means we're officially grownups. 

Well, bring it. I'm one for big adventures. And that's all this is, really... another grand and wonderful adventure in the amazingly awesome story that is our life. So cheers to his last paycheck tomorrow... Ulcer be damned, I'll be drinking to that (eeek)!! 

 Yes... This book is actually in our house.


Three Days of Heart of Haute

Ok, so here I go on my second week of dressing like a real person - and boy do I have an amazing designer to tell you about: Heart of Haute.

I wore three very different outfits from them on three different days and had my photographer friend and my dear hubby capture them all for me. HoH specializes in vintage inspired pieces that work perfectly well for the modern gal on the go.

I paired up the outfits with different pieces from a couple of other designers to make the looks my own. The lovely thing about HoH is that you don't have to be a vintage enthusiast or a pinup girl to enjoy these darling frocks... I'm a 40 year old mother of three and I was perfectly comfortable in each outfit I wore. In fact, I straightened the house and made breakfast & lunch in one of the outfits.

These garments are extremely well made, with beautiful finishes, and the customer service is excellent. And to top it all off they're made in the good old USA! So now to my first outfit...

Aldonza in Victorian Stripe White
The Aldonza dress is a Victorian-esque beauty made of mid weight white 100% cotton with alternating wavy and straight black stripes, which makes it a fabulous all-season dress. It has a crisp black collar with a wide square neckline to perfectly frame your face. And with princess seaming and coordinating black ties at the waist, it is shaped to accentuate your figure. The sleeves are quarter length (elbow length on my short frame) with darling buttoned cuffs that match the buttons down the front of the dress.
Honestly this dress was kind of a whim and not something I'd normally pic out, or wear, for myself… however it turned out to be my favorite of the three! I styled it as such to give it just a bit of steampunk flair, without being too over-the-top for my advanced age. Notice the spat-heels from Sbicca… aren’t they adorable?!
I also opted to wear the CS-201 corset (in black cotton) from Orchard Corset over the dress to further define my waistline. Being on fluffier side I greatly appreciated the nearly 8 inch reduction it gave!
The skirt is a full enough to accommodate a crinoline or petticoat… so I simply had to wear a soft black lace and chiffon vintage petticoat underneath the skirt to add a touch of fullness.
I capped it off (quite literally) with a soft, hand crocheted beanie cap, neck warmer, and arm cuffs in a variegated black/white/gray by Melissa ElMouatez of DV8 Suites.

The Monique dress is a very mod little number and, with it being sleeveless, probably more suitable as a spring/summer dress than as a dress to be worn in the middle of winter. However, it’s been uncharacteristically warm in my neck of the woods as of late, so I threw on a bronze lurex shrug I scored on clearance from Marshall’s, and an olive green boutique bubble necklace and called it good!
The dress itself is composed of the same high quality, mid-weight 100% cotton that you’ll find in many of HoH dresses, but this particular fabric boosts a surprise: the charcoal black fabric is embellished with a gorgeous gold metallic that really makes the retro sunburst designs pop! It’s just a bit of shimmery shine, without being gaudy.

The skirt is an always fashionable, and universally flattering, a-line that hits under the knee. Coupled with the modest bateau neckline and coordinating tie-belt the dress creates a lovely hourglass silhouette.
This particular Monique dress is the perfect LBD for those times that you don’t want to disappear into a sea of other little black dresses. That said I’ll be wearing it again soon for date-night with the hubby!

This is my new favorite skirt… no lie. Not only is it comfortable and flattering, but the fabric itself is stunning… it’s just so breathtaking! Anyone who’s been to my home can attest to the fact that I love peacocks. My entire first story is decorated in an over the top peacock motif. Heck, I’m kind of peacocky myself. So when I saw this print, I swooned!
The skirt features a wide black waistband and zips in the back for a perfect fit. It has a connected sash belt that wraps around your waist and ties in the front for a bit of sweetness and sass, not to mention a killer waistline.
The jet black background highlights a beautiful scene filled with peacocks and flowers in shades of teal, royal blue, jade green, and dandelion yellow. As with the Monique dress above, the Gypsy in Peacock Royale delights with strands of metallic gold intertwined throughout, giving it a lush, rich feel.
The skirt hits below the knees and looks full and lovely with or without a crinoline or petticoat. Of course once again I opted to go with a petticoat, this time a frothy 23 inch chiffon number in a vibrant royal blue from my new favorite supplier of petticoats, Pettiskirt Style. (I love these petticoats so much that they will be getting their very own blog review, very soon.) The royal blue in the petticoat was a dead-on match for the royal blue in the gypsy skirt, although if you wanted to you could also wear a jade green,  yellow, or teal, (or standard black) petticoat.
I styled this outfit with a modern button-up black shirt from JC Penny (don’t judge me) and black leather knee boots I scored on clearance from Ross. I finished it with a silver leaf necklace from Premier Jewelry.

So there you have it loves, three more days of dressing like a real human! I’m proud of myself for making the effort… and I’ve gotten so many compliments from complete strangers over these beautiful Heart of Haute outfits. According to my daughter the checkout kid at the drugstore even hit on me while I was in my peacock outfit. Ha! So do yourselves a favor and check them out. With a variety of flattering silhouettes and sizes ranging from XS to 2XL, you are certain to find something to make you look and feel your absolute best! Happy shopping!!

Photography by Lori Lucas of Drive-By Pinups
And crappy cell phone shots by my sweet Hubby, since I can't have her on-call 24/7. HA!


Three Days of Dressing Like a Grownup.

I made a New Years resolution because that's what everyone does, right? But this year I'm not trying to lose weight or exercise... I just want to leave my house without looking like a hobo. 

Even though I only ever really venture out to take kids to school or lessons or go grocery shopping I want to look like a human while I'm doing it - and not like the garbage lady from Labyrinth... which, let's be be honest, is what I normally look like. So I am going to document my journey and share some brands/stores I've discovered while doing it. 

I figure I'm organized enough to put on something other than tshirts, pajama/yoga pants, and flip-flops at least three out of the seven days of the week. So we shall start with that: Three Days of (Whoever I'm Wearing). 

I'm starting small this week... Here is my first attempt, my test run, starring JC Penny tops (hey, I'm 40 yrs old now - don't judge me) and Old Navy "flirt" boot-cut blue jeans.

I even put on makeup and brushed my hair for two of the days. Aren't you impressed??

Next week I will start for real... with much better photos and way more details on the outfits, so that if you like them you can aquire them too. And I have some pretty sweet brands lined up that I'm super excited to wear (and share) with you all!

So happy New Year and all that jazz... and here's to a much more fashionable 2015 for us all!