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Almost There!

Since forever and a day now I've been writing about how my hubby is finishing school... I always wonder if people think it's a farce, or maybe they think he's just lazy or something when I say he's been going to school for 20 years for the same degree. 

But man, in that time we've raised three kids and owned three homes and he's worked and I've worked and we've lived our crazy life to the fullest... and we've had many grand and wonderful adventures! 

So yeah, so what? It's taken 20 years. Big whoop. 

But there's a light at the end of this long tunnel and it's growing brighter by the day. In May, if all goes according to plan, he will graduate college and officially be a Mechanical Engineer. 

Here's scary part nĂºmero uno: He's already been hired as an engineer at work in anticipation of his graduation, so he has to graduate. He. Has. To. They can't have a non-degreed engineer, engineering things! He absolutely can not fail. What a terrible fucking weight on his shoulders!! And there's absolutely nothing I can do to ease that mental burden for him. I really don't like that... It makes me feels helpless and useless. 

And here's scary part number B: He's taking a leave of absence at work so he can finish his degree instead of dragging it out for two more semesters. I guess that's not the scary part; that's the easy part. The kicker is that he won't receive a paycheck while he's out. We have to live on our meager savings. 

Now don't get me wrong; I've been poor before. I've been hungry-lights-turned-off-water-shut-off-eating-generic-ramen-noodles-for-months poor. 

But our children haven't. 

They've never experienced having to want for anything. We've always made sure that they were well taken care of and, yes, even a bit spoiled. 

Now I'm telling our daughter she'll have to wait a little while for new blue jeans. Now I'm telling our middle son that new shoes are gonna be put off for a bit. Now I can't just pay our oldest son's phone bill when he falls behind (Don't judge me, seriously. Don't). 

It's not dire... Mostly I'm just being pitiful. Our daughter has more clothes than most supermodels. Our middle son doesn't wear half the new things we buy him anyway because he's an artsy musician who looks the part. And our oldest son needs to learn responsibility. 

But I don't like it. 

Honestly I don't know why I'm sweating it. When hubby graduates we plan on selling our big, beautiful casa and moving into an airstream camper in the woods. We plan on living like backwoods poor folks anyway. We're telling our kids that it'll be a another grand adventure... Complete with chickens and a goat named Bessemer! So far only our middle one is buying into it.

But anywho, that's if he graduates. Which he will. I have the utmost faith in my amazing man. It's just kinda all topsy-turvy and so different than what I've become accustomed to. Living on savings, that is. When did we even get a savings?? I guess that means we're officially grownups. 

Well, bring it. I'm one for big adventures. And that's all this is, really... another grand and wonderful adventure in the amazingly awesome story that is our life. So cheers to his last paycheck tomorrow... Ulcer be damned, I'll be drinking to that (eeek)!! 

 Yes... This book is actually in our house.

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