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Three Days of Dressing Like a Grownup.

I made a New Years resolution because that's what everyone does, right? But this year I'm not trying to lose weight or exercise... I just want to leave my house without looking like a hobo. 

Even though I only ever really venture out to take kids to school or lessons or go grocery shopping I want to look like a human while I'm doing it - and not like the garbage lady from Labyrinth... which, let's be be honest, is what I normally look like. So I am going to document my journey and share some brands/stores I've discovered while doing it. 

I figure I'm organized enough to put on something other than tshirts, pajama/yoga pants, and flip-flops at least three out of the seven days of the week. So we shall start with that: Three Days of (Whoever I'm Wearing). 

I'm starting small this week... Here is my first attempt, my test run, starring JC Penny tops (hey, I'm 40 yrs old now - don't judge me) and Old Navy "flirt" boot-cut blue jeans.

I even put on makeup and brushed my hair for two of the days. Aren't you impressed??

Next week I will start for real... with much better photos and way more details on the outfits, so that if you like them you can aquire them too. And I have some pretty sweet brands lined up that I'm super excited to wear (and share) with you all!

So happy New Year and all that jazz... and here's to a much more fashionable 2015 for us all! 

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