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Three Men and a Baby

This is a story of appreciation, true love, and happy endings. 

You see there once was a young girl who loved a young boy with a very grownup kind of love. Only the young boy was not ready to love the young girl the way she loved him and so she knew she had to let him go. 

The young boy was over the whole thing rather quickly and commenced to run about, cavorting with other young girls, while the young girl stayed home and cried. 

One day the young girl bumped into a very good friend and she cried in his arms. And he comforted her. And one thing lead to another thing and soon they were spending much of their time together. 

Only this boy didn't tell her that he was also spending time with other girls. 

Very soon after the young girl was with his child. She didn't know what she would do, but she did know that she would keep and love this child. So she told this boy.

He became very angry.

You see he already had one child by another that he did not see and he had no intention of seeing the new one either. So he boarded a plane, flew across the country, and she never saw him again. 

The young girl had thought this boy a true friend and was heartbroken over the betrayal. However she lifted her chin and made plans for the growing life inside of her. 

A couple of months passed and the first young boy popped back into her life, with claims of true love. He had convinced himself that the child in the young girl's belly might be his and he made promises of the three of them spending their lives together as a family. 

The young girl tried to tell the young boy that this was an impossibility, but he wouldn't listen. He doted on her and romanced her. Her love for him bloomed once more and so she stopped pushing the issue. 

They would walk about town holding hands and the young boy would proudly announce to everyone that this was his baby growing inside the young girl's belly.

One day they happened across one of the young boy's acquaintances and he introduced the young girl to that young boy. She didn't know at the time that that young boy would enter her life again in a very significant way...  So they said their goodbyes and went on their way. And she thought she was happy and that her future with the young boy was happy.

However, the further along she got, the more distant the young boy became until, once more, he was finding other young girls to keep him company. 

Once again the young girl was devastated and knew she needed to move on for good. Only she felt so very lost and unsure of how to do so. 

The day finally came when the baby was to arrive and the young boy insisted on being at her side though it all. She held his hand as the baby arrived, all of her hopes and dreams about to enter the world... 

And hope was indeed born: a beautiful baby boy with big brown eyes and chubby cheeks made his way into the world and she loved him immediately. She loved the baby so much, in fact, that she realized she had never experienced true love until that moment. 

She knew what she needed to do. 

She quietly ordered the test she knew she needed to be rid of the young boy. Somewhere inside of her she hoped that he would still stay, though she knew in her heart that he wouldn't. 

And she was quite correct. 

The young girl told the young boy that the baby was, without a doubt, not his. 

And so he gathered up his things from the hospital room, said a hasty goodbye, and he left.

The young girl signed her name to the baby's birth certificate, leaving the space for the father's name blank, knowing that to do so would ensure that she would do this alone and with no interference, or help, from anyone. 

And so she took the baby home.

She and the baby lived alone in her small hovel, and she was truly and completely happy for the first time in her entire life.

She occasionally went on dates with other young men, but never committed to anyone because her heart belonged to the baby boy completely.

Until one day she ran into that young boy again, who was now a young man. 

She didn't like the young man very much and he didn't care for her much either, (though he thought her to be very beautiful and she thought him quite handsome). 

She tried to avoid the young man when at all possible, but failed and ended up getting to see a side of him she had not initially seen.

The young man, with his quiet demeanor and handsome physique, fascinated her. And she decided that she wanted to get to know him even better. So, being the unconventional young girl that she was, she asked him out on a date.

He said yes.

When she arrived for the date he asked her a question that threw her for a loop, "Where is your son?" 

"I'm not bringing my baby on a date... Why would I bring my baby on a date?!" she exclaimed.

"I just thought you would since he's a part of you." He replied. 

The young man then explained that he figured the girl and the baby were a package deal and that he was ok with that. He just wanted her to know that.

The young girl was taken aback.

On their next date the young girl brought the baby. 

The young man held the baby while the young girl ate her ice cream. He even let the baby slobber all over his own ice cream... and proceeded to eat after the sweet little slobbery baby.

Soon the young girl was with child once more. "Let's be a real family!" he said, and so she and the young man were promptly married. 

"I want us all to have the same last name." he said "I want to really be this baby's father." 

So they went to the courthouse and the young girl said to them, "I married my baby's father." 

"Is this baby yours?" they asked him.

The young man replied, without a trace of doubt or a hint of hesitation, "Yes he is."

And so the young man signed his name to the once empty space on the baby's birth certificate and became the baby's rightful father. 

The baby boy grew, and then a new baby boy arrived and then another baby entered the world (they liked making babies)... and the three babies grew into children, and the boy and the girl loved those three children very, very much. 

One day the children were all grown up. It happened in the blink of an eye. And the baby boy was now a young man living on his own. 

Being a young man and making your way in the world is hard. There are lessons to be learned and hard knocks to be taken, and so sometimes he was moody and felt unloved. 

The young girl, now a grown woman, knew she needed to tell him the story of three men and a baby so he could understand just exactly how much he really is loved. 

He was loved immediately and without hesitation by not only his mother, but also by his true father... The father who wanted the package deal. 

The father who honestly forgets that the baby boy is not made from the same genetic material because he loves him just as fiercely as he loves the other two. 

The father who changed diapers and cleaned poop and pee and vomit and bandaged scraps and wiped tears. 

The father who has spent the baby's whole life trying to ensure that baby has had a good and comfortable life, and wanted for nothing, often to his own detriment. 

There may have been three men and a baby to start, but the baby has really only ever needed the love of his father... which he's had, unconditionally, from day one.

Anyway, the young girl and that young man lived super-duper & ridiculously happily ever after. And they truly hope their baby boy does too. 

The End. 

And then Baby-Kitty came along and the young man loved the cat more than he loved anyone ever. Ha! The End. 

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