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On Being Needy...

I thought I'd have all this extra time with my husband once he took his leave from work to finish up school.... but boy was I mistaken! I see him less now than when I did when he was working and going to school.

Granted he's taking 6 classes now instead of 2 or 3, but again he's not working so I figured there would be all of this extra time. I had visions that we'd frolic in bed in the mornings, have quiet lunches in the afternoons, and take romantic strolls through the neighborhood during the evenings. And of course he'd do all of his class work in between those times. 


What the hell was I thinking?! When he's not in class he's sequestered in his office from sun up till way past sun down. He makes his way downstairs to grab a bite to eat and then heads back up to work on math problems that seem more like brain torture than homework. He's frazzled and stressed out. He's not getting enough sleep because he works late into the night and when he does finally fall into bed his brain can't turn off. 

I don't like it.

And I miss him.

And I feel guilty for missing him and being needy because I know he has a shit ton on his plate and there's absolutely nothing more he can do. 

Ugh... (Insert string of profanities here) 

But there's always a silver lining, right? The above was my negative, pouty view. So here's my positive view of the situation: 

He's getting a degree... a degree that got him a better postion at his job. A degree that's been completely paid for by his job (no student loan debt). This degree will provide financial security and give us so many more options in the future. He's not having to deal with the stress of school and work. Going this route means he'll get his degree sooner, rather than stretching it out over another year. This degree means more money, which means a more comfortable life for our family. And when he studies he looks really sexy, which has lead to a wild afternoon rumpus or two. 

So there are good points. I just need to keep reminding myself of them. 

Only two and a half more months to go.
Only two and a half more months to go.
Only two and a half more months to go and then we're headed to the beach for a week for some much needed alone time! Trying to keep myself busy (and positive) until then... So any suggestions for new hobbies that don't cost money are welcome. Ha! 

Even the cat misses him... 

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