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Orchard Corset Part Two: The CS-511

I never cared for overbust corsets... That is until I met the CS-511 by Orchard Corset. Of course the only kind I had ever worn before the CS-511 were the cheapo tube-shaped "fashion corsets" that you get from eBay and the like. But Orchard Corset has yet to make a corset that I didn't like love freaking adore, so I thought I'd give one of their overbust corsets a try. 

I went for the CS-511 in satin because I prefer a longer line and the heavy satin on it is ridiculously elegant. I've yet to venture beyond black as far as corsets go because, well, I really like black. But the CS-511 corset comes in a variety of gorgeous jewel tone colors, (for all of you colorful ladies out there), and even a dyable white (for all of you who want a truly custom color). Since this corset does not have built-in garter tabs I opted to purchase a garter belt from OC. The lack of tabs doesn't bother me because I love how a garter belt looks when worn with a corset. It's like icing on a cake to me. This particular garter belt from OC also has shaping properties, further smoothing and defining the hip area. I added a pair of thigh high Cuban heel stockings, a vintage black robe (for a bit of class), and 4 inch zebra platform heels (for a bit of sass).

To be honest I had initial worries that maybe my boobs wouldn't fill up the cups of the CS-511, or that it would flatten out my chest, or, even worse, that my cups would runneth over (think a can of poppin' fresh biscuits). You must remember that all I had tried before the CS-511 were those crappy fashion corsets which are horribly flimsy and tube shaped. 

Well Imagine my delight when I got the sucker on and it fit my figure like a glove! No flattened tatas, no poppin' fresh biscuits, and no boobies swimming around in super large cups! It molded to my body perfectly!! 

In my last post I mentioned that I didn't get the corset as tight as I'd have liked, which lead to not having as drastic of a change in my figure (I like a dramatic silhouette). Well this time my friend knew what she was doing and she laced me up good and tight! The hourglass this corset creates is simply unreal... In fact another friend of mine said to me, "You look like a cartoon - in a good way!!" 

The corset itself is quite comfortable and didn't dig into me anywhere (I'm very "fluffy" and as such am prone to issues with bras and such biting into me). And as I mentioned before it cradled my chest perfectly, defining that area without any squish or spill-over. My waist was smoothed to glorious coke bottle proportions. And though I've not mastered the art of lacing myself up, the front busk makes dress and undress very easy and didn't show through when I wore it under a skin tight dress - (dress in next blog post).  

As with all of Orchard Corset products, the CS-511 is extremely well made and heavy duty, featuring double steel boning with 24 flat and spiral bones. It's also lined in 100% cotton for extra durability, and comes with super strength nylon laces.

This is absolutely not a "fashion corset" - the CS-511 is made for serious waist training and/or reduction. I buy my corsets 9 inches smaller than my natural waistline and I've achieved a very comfortable 4 & 1/2 inch reduction here.  

If you've ever considered an overbust corset, whether for sexy time or as a foundation garment to wear when you don't want bra/whatever straps showing, this is the perfect option. It gives a classic coke bottle shape, and it's classy & comfortable - a winning combo in my opinion!! 

Happy shopping!!! 

Photography: Justin Lingle of 6 Romeo Studios
Corset & Garter Belt: Orchard Corset
Stockings: Secrets in Lace
Robe: a lucky vintage find
Panties: Victoria Secret 
Heels: Jessica Simpson  


  1. Beautiful. I was looking into getting the same corset, but the customer service rep I spoke to said that it was only for a fashion accessory, not waist training. Your post is starting to get me to reconsider. What is your torso length? Were you able to sit down comfortably? How long could you wear this particular corset before it started to get uncomfortable?

  2. I would listen to them if they suggested that a particular one isn't for waist training. I know that they have some great waspies for that purpose! I found this to be extremely comfortable as far as corsets go and I could sit without discomfort. :)