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Pinup Girl Clothing, Part One: The Monica

There's this dress...

Have you every seen a dress that just made your breath catch in your chest? A dress so beautiful that you coveted it from afar, afraid to even try it on for fear of ruining the illusion?

The Monica is that dress, but I assure you ladies, it is no illusion. The Monica dress from Pinup Girl Clothing is a thing of magic! 

I stalked it online for a year, wondering if my short, chubby body could pull it off. Would I look like a sausage bursting out of it's casing? Surely there was no way that I could look even as remotely stunning as the model in the pictures.

So I watched it and looked at pictures of it for a while... And then it sold out.

I was so sad.

But still I went and looked at the picture of it online... drooling and wondering. And as I perused instagram I saw pictures of other women in it: women who weren't as curvy as the model, women who were curvier than the model, women who were bigger, thinner, taller, shorter, rounder, straighter, and everything but the same size & shape as the beautiful model wearing that dress.

And they all looked absolutely fucking stunning!! It made me believe that maybe, just maybe, I too could look beautiful in that dress. 

So I signed up for an email alert telling me when it would be back in stock. 

We were broke, so very broke, with my husband taking a leave of absence from work to finish up school. Living off of our savings and prayers I knew it would be selfish to ask him to buy it for me. So I sold dresses I loved to get enough to afford it. Then low and behold, one day it came back in stock.... and I still needed $30 to have enough to afford it.

"Dear husband, there is this dress I really love, but I'm $30 short. I hate to ask this but...."

He cut me off, "I know how much you want it, Pumpkin. It would look beautiful on you! I was going to surprise you and buy it for you." With that he handed me his credit card.

I bought my Monica.

It arrived soon after and I was so nervous to try it on. Yes, I had seen it on so many different bodies and it looked so beautiful on literally every single one of them... But would it look as beautiful on me? 

As I shimmied it over my hips a wave of confidence washed over me... The soft ruby red fabric clung in all the right places! As I pulled it over my chest and worked my arms through the sleeves I let out a sigh of amazement... Although the dress gives the appearance of being painted on, it was one of the most comfortable dresses I'd ever worn!

I caught my husband at our bedroom door staring at me. I turned around with hopeful eyes, wondering what he thought of me. 

"Oh honey... You look so good...." he murmured as his arms took on the appearance of an octopus wrapping all over and around me.

"You've got class to get to!" I giggle like a school girl as I reluctantly pushed him away... and he even more reluctantly let me go. 

I looked down over myself and ran my hands hands over my hips, enamoured with what I saw.... So far so good. No sausage busting out of it's casing! I made my way into our bathroom to get a look at myself in our full length mirror and my breath caught again, the same way it did the first time I saw that dress.

I looked beautiful. 
I felt beautiful. 
I am beautiful.

Every girl needs that one dress, that dress that makes you feel like a million dollars. I've found mine in the red Monica.

Now for the nitty, gritty details: the Monica comes in an array of gorgeous jewel tone, monochrome, and bright pastel colors to suit every skin tone. It features an internal built-in bengaline shaper that lifts and hugs your body in all the right places... You don't even need to wear a bra with this dress!! I know some dresses say you don't need a bra, but then you find that you do in fact need one. This is not one of those dresses. You really DON'T need a bra!!

The Monica is constructed of the absolute softest knit imaginable and resists the dreaded pilling that some knits tend to do. The rusching along the sides runs the entire length of the dress which helps to further accentuate (and camouflage) your figure. Not only is the cross over bust an aesthetically lovely feature, it also lifts and defines that area. And the neckline of the dress can be worn on or off the shoulders, depending on your level of comfort. The Monica also features a hidden side zipper, but I didn't use it. I found it's much easier to just wiggle into the dress. On an average height person the dress would hit mid-calf, a tall person right below the knee, and on a 5 ft tall person like myself it is a full length dress. I honestly think it looks fantastic at any length.   

But I think the absolute best feature of this dress is the fact that it is available in sizes XS through 4XL... Pinup Girl Clothing truly does believe in making couture of EVERY body!! 

As I stated before it does have an internal shaper, though for this photo I opted to vamp it up with the CS-511 from Orchard Corset. And in case you're curious, the rusching on the Monica does a wonderful job of hiding corset (and other shapewear) lines.

If you are looking for "the dress" head on over to Pinup Girl Clothing; they cater to literally every size, height, shape, color, etc woman. The bottom love is this: If you're a woman, they've got something gorgeous for YOU! 

Photography by: Justin Lingle of 6 Romeo Studios 

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