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Lady Vintage London Part Two: The Tea Dress

The Lady Vintage London Tea Dress in the red roses print is what originally caught my eye to this brand. And I knew that I'd need to own it.

So I bought it.

Now if you recall from last week I had quite the easy time ordering from over seas. This dress, not so much. I ordered using American sizing and was sent a size UK 20, which swam on me. So then I ordered the UK 18, which I couldn't zip up. So after a couple of returns (and lots of postage) I just ordered the UK 20 and had mega alterations done.
I will say this: The dress was worth it.

It's gorgeous and sumptuous and completely divine! The colors are vibrant and the print is mesmerizing!! 

The print is a mixture of watercolor roses in every hue of red and pink with artsy black, red, and pink organic swirls thrown in for good measure. The high neckline is sweet and demure, without being stuffy. It features a back zip and ties at the waist for a fitted silhouette. The full swing skirt is a tad shorter than most vintage-repro skirts you'll find, which works perfectly for my short height. It is also available in stunning purple hue. 
The dress is comprised of a lovely cotton sateen (97% cotton, 3% elastaine). There is decent stretch to this dress, with the only exception being the waist area. So I definitely suggest ordering based off of your waist measurements if you have questions.

If I had to do it all over again I would definetly do it all over again. The print alone on this dress was more than worth the hassle!! 
Happy shopping!

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  1. The print is so beautiful! Really, a lovely dress. Too bad about the sizing, being between sizes can be troublesome. This dress may not work for a taller woman if they're concerned about maintaining a specific look (at least knee length) if the skirt seems shorter than most of similar style.

    1. It is on the shorter side, which works well for me haha.... But I can see where it would be a bother for a taller lady.

  2. Thanks for the review. You look GREAT! I am drooling over this dress myself (and the cupcake print too). If you don't mind me asking....what are your measurements? I'm about 48" bust and 39.5/40" waist and only 5'2". It's so hard to buy clothes online, but even harder finding cute retro lines around me.

    1. I'm 42-36-45 - I agree that it's difficult to find clothing at our size and stature!! Heart of Haire is really good about clothing proportions for shorter ladies and they go up to size 2x! :)

  3. I love this dress! I've been eyeing the red and the blue colorways of this, but still haven't pulled the trigger. I'm glad you wrote such a great review on it! You really did an awesome job of coordinating the pinkish red in the dress to your shoes!

    1. Thanks so much!! It's a gorgeous dress and definitely with the trouble lol!