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The Other Side Of The Fence.

think when people see pics of other people on social media they get an idea in their head that said person has it all together and that life is a bowl of never ending cherries.

That's not always the case.

Behind the smiles, adventures, and fabulous makeup or clothes there is a human being with a perfectly regular life filled with flaws. 

I will use myself as a prime example: 

I get comments about how great everything must be for me.

But here's the thing... 

I get up and I get dressed every day and sometimes that alone is all I can manage to do. 

Sometimes my anxiety is so bad that I don't even do that. 

In my photos I might look like a princess or a polished pinup, but in reality I'm dealing with a family member who is mentally ill, who is making terrible choices, who is verbally abusive, and who I worry about constantly. My daily routine consists of taking/picking up my kid from school, cooking meals only half the people in the house will eat, or cleaning a house I'm alone in all day long. I'm in pain from an accident, but I loathe people who constantly complain. So in an effort to not be a hypocrite I try to keep it to myself and stay positive. 

Now that I've made a big fat example of myself please don't get the wrong idea... I'm generally happy. I have a very nice life and I truly love it. I have a husband who adores me, wonderful kids, and a closet many gals would give their left arm for. I feel blessed. But no matter how good you have it there are always going to be aspects in your life that could be better. 

Just keep this in mind: If you're alive, then your life is good. Your life is just fine the way it is. If you are unhappy with it, strive to do better with what you have. Don't compare what you've got going on with anyone else, because other peoples lives are not always as great as you think they are. 

Above all else, stay positive. 

Seriously... Throw some glitter on that shit and move on. It's the best way to roll.