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The Impact of Clothing

It's no secret I'm really into my clothes. My love of fashion could be construed as materialistic or vain... and I suppose in some aspects it is. My closet is bursting with dresses, skirts, blouses, belts, shoes, and accessories. Some would say I have too many clothes. I know my husband does. Ha!

BFF Monique dress by: Heart of Haute, Mirror Brooch: Deer Arrow, Fruit Tart Necklace: Jillicious Charms, Cardigan: Doll Me Up Inc.

But aside from the material aspect I feel like clothing, and they way we choose to wear it, can hit at a deeper level. I personally find immense happiness from curating the perfect (and not-so-perfect) pieces and transforming them into, what I feel, is a walking work of art. Clothing is a creative outlet for me. It's an outward expression of my inward self. I quite literally wear my heart on my sleeve. 

Skirt & Cardigan: Doll Me Up Inc, Brooches: Christine McClellan, Shoes: Zulily

I've also have discovered the importance of supporting small business. My purchases don't fund a CEO's fourth sports car.... My purchases fund a families house payment, a woman's financial freedom, or a child's education.... My purchases are ethically made.. My purchases provide jobs for and support higher wages for workers. 

Peasant Top: Pinup Girl Clothing, Shrunken Head Skirt: The Oblong Box Shop, Shoes: Lucky Lou Shoes, Brooch: Me.

Not only that, but my purchases and choice in clothing are inspiring. I don't say this to brag; I'm simply repeating what I've been told many times... and what I've told other inspiring women on numerous occasions. When I go out (or even post a picture), I'm usually greeted with smiles from other women who long to know where I got that skirt or brooch, or shoes. I can see a question in their eyes and a spark of emerging confidence, "I wonder if I could wear something like that?" If they're brave enough to pose that question to me I tell them unequivocally, "YES, OF COURSE YOU CAN!" and throw in a (sincere) compliment good measure. Often times just seeing another woman happily throwing caution to the wind gives them the push they need to wear that gorgeous little lipstick red number that's been sitting in their closet for months, unworn because they've been afraid of how their arms/thighs/stomach/bum/whatever would look in it. Because "If SHE can rock it, why can't I?"

Erin Swing Dress & Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing, Unicorn Brooch: Design Oddity 13, Shoes: Y.R.U. Shoes

But most important to me has been the impact my mode of dress has made upon my own daughter. Daughters emulate their mothers... that's a fact. My sweet girl has always liked pretty clothing but as she's gotten older she's come to appreciate the impact dressing for oneself has. When she was younger she'd occasionally groan to me, "Ugh mom, are you really going to wear that out in public??" I'd reply with a firm, "Yes! I like it, I'm comfortable, and that's all that matters." Sometimes she's still tad embarrassed when we go out in public and I'm sporting a giant purple petticoat underneath a novelty skirt, but those (perfectly normal) teenage pangs of embarrassment have come less and less as she's gained confidence through her own attire. As of late she'll even go out of her way to tell me how cool she thinks it is that I dress how I want to. 

Hydrangea Beverly Dress: Heart of Haute, Petticoat: Pettiskirt Style, Bird Brooch: CAB Fayre, Shoes: Bait Footwear.

She takes time with her appearance and has begun to cultivate her own style. I truly believe that because I'm not afraid to express myself through clothes she is brave enough to dress how she wants to and not succumb to the teenage pressure of dressing like everyone else. She's her own person with her own unique style... but more than that she has become unafraid. Not only is she unafraid within herself she is also unafraid to appreciate, or at very least understand, another's personal choices. For instance if she hears someone mock another person's clothing she's very quick to speak up to defend the mocked person with, "You shouldn't make fun of them." or "It doesn't matter how they look as long as they're happy."

Matching Mother/Daughter Skirts: Holly Dai Boutique, My Top: Heart of Haute, My Shoes: Bait Footwear.

My hubby told me I've had a big something to do with that. And that makes me feel good as a mother. 

So as it turns out that clothing isn't strictly a materialist thing. Clothing can be art. It can support people. It can inspire. It can build confidence. It can defeat bullies.... and so much more. What do your clothing choices say about you? What would you like them to say? Just remember that your answer to those questions is strictly up to you. Don't let anyone else define you. 


Orchard Corset and Boobie Boosters

It's been one heck of a year for me and it's only February! We've sold a home and bought a new one, so please forgive my lack of posts as of late... I've been a very busy little bee!

With that said I'm happy that my first post of the new year is on my favorite shapewear company: Orchard Corset! They are well known for making off-the-rack corsets that look and feel as if they are custom made. The quality of their beautiful corsets, as well as their commitment to excellent customer care, is simply unmatched! But did you know that in addition to corsets they sell many different types of foundation garments? Corsets may be their specialty but they have you covered from bust to booty, quite literally, when it comes to looking amazing underneath your clothes.

Today I'm going to show you one of the most fantabulous creations since the invention of the wheel. I mean this. Whether you're a pinup aficionado, a business woman on the go-go-go, or a laid-back jeans & t-shirt kind of gal, you are going to want the Vedette Underbust Bra Booster in your underwear drawer. And I'm going to show you exactly WHY.

Now I'm quite the fluffy lady, but I know that every woman in the universe deals with the dreaded back rolls that come with wearing a bra. There is no escape from it... or so I thought. I've included a rather embarrassing picture of my own bra rolls for your amusement consideration. So without further ado I bring you: The Back Rolls.

(Don't judge me for my use of B&W photography. It's slightly more forgiving...)

In the next two photos I'm wearing the Vedette Underbust Bra Booster. Now I assure you that I'll get to the boobie boosting abilities in a bit, but I figure the elimination of back rolls takes upmost importance.

(A back view: Smoooooth & sleek!)

(A front view: You can see how it smoothes my sides from the front as well!)

I purposefully chose an extremely unforgiving and terribly clingy shirt to highlight how fantastic this thing is! It's amazing!! Once again let me stress, (as if you can't see with your own eyes), that I am a fluffy gal. There is still a smidgeon of a roll, but I'm nowhere near as lumpy as before. So for the Vedette Underbust Bra Booster's bra roll eliminating abilities, I give it a solid A.


I like to think I have pretty average size chesticles. They're not too small, not too big, not really just right, but they'll do... they are, however, 41 year old breasts that fed three babies back in the 1990's. So basically what I'm saying is they need all the boosting help they can get.

(Not too shabby, but they could use a boost...)

(Please ignore my stink face, I was feeling self conscious.)

Oh look above - there's a boost! Now keep in mind that it doesn't give you over-the-top porn cleavage, but it does perk the girls back up to their former glory. And if you'll notice, the bra rolls on the sides are somewhat diminished as well. Being a fuller-figure chick they will not be eliminated completely, but my sides are smoothed quite a bit and I'm pretty darn content with that!!

(Expression changed... put on a corset for instant confidence!)

Of course if you'd like that wonderfully over-the-top porn cleavage, just throw on an underbust corset for maximum va-va-voom! I added the CS- 201 Waist Trainer Satin Waspie Corset. I also committed a grave sin and tied my laces around my waist. Ladies, DO NOT do this. It's bad for your corset. In my (somewhat weak) defense I only did this for the photos. At any rate, for chesticle boosting abilities I give it an A+!

Finally I'd like to show you a little before and after on the back again. One with just a bra and the other with the Vedette Underbust Bra Booster and CS- 201 Waist Trainer Satin Waspie Corset.

(Up close and personal so you can see what a ginormous *pun intended* difference these two foundation garments make!!)

(The combo of the bra booster & corset give an all over sleek appearance, even under clingy clothing!)

So in summary I will say this: I figured the bra booster would make some difference, but, if I'm being honest, I wasn't expecting it to be so drastic, neither in its smoothing effects nor its boosting properties...I'm beyond happy and it definitely surpassed my expectations!! And adding an underbust corset to the mix *WOW* makes it simply spectacular!

The Vedette Underbust Bra Booster from Orchard Corset comes in sizes XS to XL and in two perfect undergarment colors: Black & Beige. The lace detailing on the underbust cups gives it a sexy feel, while the wide straps and wide non-rolling band are a godsend and keep everything in place without slipping straps or additional body rolls. It closes in the back with a secure hook & eye closure and is priced very well at $63 USD. I say it often, and sometimes frivolously, but this is truly a piece that every woman needs.  Happy shopping!

Photography By: Lori Lucas
Bra By: Victoria's Secret
Clingy Shirt: a thrifted find
Striped Skirt: Doll Me Up Inc.

PS. I'm so enamored with this that I'll be doing frou-frou compilation post (soonish) featuring the Vedette Underbust Bra Booster and another magnificent Orchard Corset, along with some of my other favorite underthings... So be on the look out!