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About Me

Thank You for taking the time to read my nonsense!

My blog doesn't revolve around one particular topic. It's a hodge-podge of anything I find relevant to where I am at, at the time it is written.

I write to get out, and sort out, all of the crap that rumbles around in my brain. And honestly sometimes my posts are just that... pure unadulterated crap.

At times I can be extremely opinionated, bossy, and judgemental. My foot has gone in my mouth on many occassions and will more than likely go there again. It's a huge flaw in me, but I'm working on it. So please never take me too seriously.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you read & see here, and I thank you for taking the time to check it out!

*Kissy Face* 
I love this man!